Friday, May 04, 2007

Tracfone hates me

I'm too cheap (read broke) to buy a regular cell phone with a monthly bill. I don't use a cell phone often enough to warrant the expense. I can't switch over to all cellular because I'm on dial-up for internet. (oh so wonderful!)

The last few times I've tried to put air time on my phone, all I get is a bunch of bs. I go to the web site and I get an error with processing my credit card. I call up the 800 number and they tell me there is a problem with my debit card. Believe me, I have more money in there than I usually do right now. Thank you IRS. lmao So I call the 800 number again from my cell while I'm transferring an extra $50 to my credit card. Guy on the phone says there is no money on there. Yeah whatever.

So, I called the bank. I talked to a real nice lady that informed me that Tracfone was authorized twice on my debit card and twice on my credit card to charge my purchase. The problem is NOT with either of my cards.

I do believe that Tracfone just wants me to get a new phone because they no longer sell the model that I have. I've got a very plain Nokia. No bells or whistles. It's the same kind that my folks have. They however bought a years worth of airtime at once. They don't have to add time every 3 months like me. We shall see what happens when they go to add airtime. My phone can't be much over 2 yrs old. Yes I know that in the world of tech that is ancient. But the damn thing works. lol

Sooooo I bought a new phone. I paid a whopping $15 for it. It's a Motorola. No bells or whistles. The games suck. Had to check those out first cause I used to love bowling on the Nokia. I'm still charging the phone, so I haven't activated it yet. It's going to be annoying having to learn a new number. I still was having to look in the phone to remember the old one.

Almost time to go get the kid from school. We have to go get him some new clothes to wear to the wedding tomorrow. All of the boys pants are jeans. About half of those have holes in the knees. grrrrr The child is insane with the jeans. I swear I sent him to school in a new pair of the Toughskin jeans from Sears that are guaranteed not to wear out. He came home with a hole right at the edge of the knee patches. I need to get him some new shoes too. The tips of his tennis shoes are flopping a lil bit. I'll see if we can find some black tennies that will look ok.

I'm just going to wear a sweater and some dress pants. I do need to remember to buy some trouser socks. I tried wearing my hand knit socks with my dress shoes and I thought my foot was going to explode the shoe. I have trouble with my left foot swelling some. Not real sure why it does it. Prolly connected to the nerve damage and pinched nerves in my pelvis. Oh well.

Gonna go see if the Galveston shall will cooperate for a little knitting. Started the 5th chart this morning and I'll be damned if there weren't enough stitches for the first straight area. Turns out that 4 rows down I forgot a YO. whimper

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