Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching up

Hmmmmm where to start. It's been a long weekend really.

Thursday I did take Nick to the Halloween party. It was kind of cool. He went as Frankenstein's Monster. We had managed to find a black suit jacket at the second hand store. It was a woman's small and thankfully had huge shoulder pads. Other than being a bit long it fit him really well. We just went with jeans and an old tshirt and his regular shoes to round out the outfit.

The makeup and such was much more of an ordeal. First I had to spray his hair black. I had him sit on the side of the tub and lean back into the tub. I figured that the overspray would be easier to clean from the tub than the rest of the bathroom. OMG was I wrong!!! People, do yourself a favor and only use the colored hairspray OUTSIDE!! At first it didn't look like too much of a mess. And then it got wet. There was black everywhere. It's been 4 days and I still have black in the shower and all over the sink. With work I haven't had a chance to really scrub at it. But man what a mess.

The face painting went much more easy. I ended up drawing on the scars as I couldn't find any premade ones at the store. I really wanted to paint some marshmallows and stick them to his neck for the monster's bolts, but I just can't figure out how to make them stay on. He did get green makeup on his coat but it just makes the coat look moldy so that is fine.

There was a light mist falling when we left, but Mom had assured me there were things to do inside at the party. The party was at a pumpkin farm. When we got there the ladies manning the entrance wanted to make sure that Nick entered the costume contest but that wasn't for another hour and half so I begged off with a promise that if we were still there we would enter. He got himself a bag of candy and we went into the barn to see what was going on. The had a large pit of corn for the kids to play in and some rope swings. A lady I work with was there so Nick sung on the ropes with her kids for a bit but wouldn't allow himself to fall into the hay.

Next it was around back for the petting zoo. They had maybe 9 goats of different breeds. 3 of the little ones looked sort of like mini spotted sheep. They stayed together the whole time. They also had a goose, a chicken, a rabbit and 2 strange fuzzy birds in the corner that I thought at first was just a pile of feathers. hehe Nick had fun following the chicken around and clucking and waving his arms like wings. He had decided that the best way to pet a chicken was to make it think you are a chicken too. hehe I had fun trying to pet the goose. He kept ducking when my hand got close to his head. I won out in the end. I've got lots of pics that I'll upload later. I'm just not awake enough to take em off the camera right now.

After the petting zoo, it was off to the hay bale maze. There were a bunch of kids climbing on top of the hay but I told Nick to not even think about it. He ran through the maze a dozen times or so. Then we took pictures with some pumpkin cut outs and a John Deere tractor. Then it was back into the maze. That is where we met with disaster. On his last run through the maze he slipped on the mud. His right leg and arm were covered in mud and he got upset. I showed him how to wipe his leg off on the hay bale. He got the big chunks off and wiped his hands off too. With that he was ready to go home. So there was no costume contest for us just as I had figured.

Then it was out to the folk's house to show them his costume. I had just meant to stop for a few minutes. But since the kid was all muddy, Mom offered to give him a bath there. I warned her that the black hairspray was going to make a mess. She didn't care though. So the kid was hosed down and then mom filled the tub so she could wash his face good. The dog kept trying to get in the tub with him. She can barely get her paws on the top of the tub though so I let her keep begging. Dad however had other ideas. He gave her a boost and she got a mini bath with the kid. hehe Once Nick was all clean and dried, we stuck around for another half hour or so. When we got home I still had to wash his face again with some cold cream. He had a very unhealthy green cast to his mouth area. hehe

All in all we had a real good time. And this has turned in to a mini novel and I only covered one day. lol I promise I'll post some pics later this morning. I've caught myself a nasty lil cold and I need a lil bit of a rest after the kid goes to school. Then tonight I'll yap about the rest of the weekend and why I've got to set up a whole new budget for myself. groan

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