Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Monday, Must be time for an update

My son's school is giving me a complex. The kid has been doing so good this last week or so. He hasn't brought home any reports that he has gotten in trouble. We have been thrilled. Lots of praise sent his way.

So of course this morning I get a call from the counselor that she wants someone to come in and observe him because she is concerned about his coping strategies. uuuuuunnnnnnnggggggg She says the kid has been doing some odd things to keep himself calm in class. Hand flappings and talking to himself. The crying and getting mad have subsided for the most part. But she says he is still being disruptive with "hand puppets and voices."

I swear I wonder what the hell they would be doing with a child that has tourrettes or some other disorder. Would they be having a fit about them disrupting and distracting the class? The kid is trying his hardest to behave himself in school. He hates having to make up time during recess and miss out on the fun. He has been getting his work done at school so he doesn't have to bring home any more homework than absolutely necessary. And still it isn't enough.

So the kid is a lil weird. So what?? So is his mother. :P He is sensitive like I am too. I can get upset very easily. Which I am right now. I was feeling fine this morning. A bit tired but not ill in the least. I even managed to eat something before 9am which doesn't happen often. And now I'm sick to my stomach. I have no clue if I'm going to keep my breakfast down. I don't get why they can't just be happy that he is behaving and give him a lil while to see if the weird stuff doesn't just fade out as he gets used to behaving.

It's not like the kid isn't doing well with his school work. He is quite bright. His reading is awesome. I am amazed at the words he can read already. Very rarely does he have to ask for help with words. He brings home huge sheets of math problems and they never take him more than a couple minutes to fill out. Most of the delay time in it is him being a goof and asking me answers that he already knows. He is just looking for a reaction out of me. ( I sit with him while he does his homework.) He isn't real good at the spelling yet. Shit I'm 35 and I suck at it. He would much rather just spell phonetically. He tends to write words the way they sound to him and not the way they are actually spelled. The becomes du. Cutting becomes choding. He has sinus issues so sometimes his ears are stuffed up and he has trouble hearing.

I just wish they would cut him some slack. Just be happy he isn't hitting anyone and isn't throwing crying fits anymore. He finally has his cast off and is finally allowed back to recess and gym class. He has to get back in the swing of just being another kid that doesn't need help with stuff.

I'm gonna go lay down and see if I can get my tummy to calm down. I just hate that they keep trying to label him. It's just not fair.


Diane said...

The school system is set up to put round children in round holes. If your child doesn't fit then it's your problem not theirs.

Unfortunately it leaves we parents in the position of having to advocate for our children. I heard time and time again how they were, "professionals and you are just a mom." Well, hell of course I'm just a mom but I can tell you more about my kid than any book or guide.

Has he had a PPT recently? If not then tell them you want one done asap. If he has then meet with the teaching staff to make sure that the action plan is being followed.

Hang in there. My problem child who couldn't read in first grade and was recommended to stay back 2 years (no friggin way that was going to happen in my lifetime!)is now 19, in college with straight A's studying engineering.

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

The hand flapping and talking to himself is very familiar to me... as well as the reading and math skills and the being sensitive. He sounds a lot like my oldest daughter.

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