Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I had another bad night last night. I actually hurt my throat during the mess. Everything swelled up inside and it felt like I was choking. I'm starting to think the tummy troubles and lack of sleep are all in my head. Someday I'm going to make a therapist very very rich when he/she writes a book about my nutso self. lmao I think I'm going to dig out my sleeping pills and start taking them at about 8pm and forcing myself to go to bed no later than 10pm.

I worked at the kitchen today. I only went in an extra half hour more than usual but I swear it feels like I worked 10 hours. I did manage to get 5 hours of sleep last night so that is only part of it. I only actually washed dishes for maybe an hour and a half. The rest of the time I was helping in the kitchen. Spraying off the dishes was not fun since the food kept making me want to upchuck. hehe With the swelling in my throat I already was feeling like I was half ready to puke. Add in peoples mushed up messy left overs.

I got my partner's name for secret Santa at work today. Let's just say I'm not terribly fond of the woman that I got. I have no clue what to buy her but I do know, I'm not making her shit. I have no clue what to put up on the list for suggestions for myself. I know I'm going to put down that I don't want jewelry of any kind. I can't wear pierced earrings anymore. The holes have closed up on my left ear and trying to put in an earring is very painful. Think I'll put down anything to do with wolves or sci-fi books. Not going to ask for a gift certificate to a craft store cause frankly Hobby Lobby and Michael's just don't do it for me. Although I do like the bead section at Michael's. I need to visit Beads and Beyond again soon though. hehe

Also got some good news from Mom today. She is going to watch Nick tomorrow night so I can attend the fiber guild meeting. :O) She is going to come over here. Which sort of sucks cause it means I have to clean all day tomorrow. hehe But I actually get to get out of the house on my own and spend time with other adults that love fibre as much as I do. I'm going to take a long a couple of my finished shawls. I'll take along the Halloween shawl and the Galveston shawl to work on. I'm hoping to have the first clue of the Halloween shawl done before I go tomorrow and I'll post some pictures. I'm kind of nervous about going to the meeting but I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully I won't get some pushy woman telling me I knit all wrong and have her taking my needles away to show me how wrong I am. hehe I know I don't knit in the conventional way, but I had to learn from a cd-rom. Plus the cd showed the woman knitting with the yarn in her right hand and until last year I just couldn't get the hang of that. I hold the yarn in my left hand the way I do for crocheting.

Ok, I'm gonna go browse on Ravelry some. See if I can't find another long thread I can get lost again in. I keep finding big fights that just suck me in. I've only posted a couple times and so far no one has responded to me, but I don't mind. It's sort of how I roll on Yahoo groups too. hehe I'm Froddopsycho on there btw. Just in case anyone was wondering and wants to friend me. :OP


TheAmpuT said...

Fights? On Ravelry??
Man, look what happens when you take a couple of months off from the internet!

Discount dental plan said...

Im sorry what is ravelry again...a website????

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Bec... sending hugs