Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have progress!!

But first, I'm sitting here giggling like mad. I'm watching a show on pbs. They just had some guy singing a song in Spanish that was all about the heart. He was describing in great detail how the heart works but it sounded like a love song. The video was mostly animations of a heart working and some very very old footage of hearts. The translation of the song was overlayed onto the screen. I completely fell apart when he started singing "lub-a-dub, lub-a-dub." hehehehe If you didn't know what he was singing about it sounded like a perfectly lovely love song. but knowing what he was actually saying made it hilarious. lol

And now proof of progress:

I've finally finished the second clue of the Autumn mystery shawl. Renee has already released the final clue and also the name. It is called Lughnasadh. Yeah, I can't pronounce it either. hehe It's the name of a Gaelic festival that has to do with the harvest.

Here is a close up of the right side.

And one of the left.

The final shawl is going to be very pretty. I do so wish I could find some of the yarns that I saw some of the other members used though. Some had very very long color changes. Maybe 20 or so rows of one color before the next starts. I think when I get my dye kit I'll try and do some sort of really long color changes. I just paid for the kit, so hopefully I'll have it soon.

Ok, I'm off to work on the Halloween shawl. I want to try and finish the first clue. It's another really pretty pattern. I so love all the shawls that Renee has released at


Anonymous said...

Looks fan-freakin-tastic my friend!! You make me so jealous of your talent...but I admire it more!!

By the the way you described Mr. Spanish beating-heart man!! lmao


Anonymous said...

How beautiful :)
I was thinking yesterday about the long colour changes too and how to get them. I'm going to try wrapping the yarn loosely around some kind of long tube (dowel maybe?) and then dyeing it in a tub. I think. If that makes sense - it's only 6 am so im still not quite awake lol

Colleen said...

Becky - that's just GORGEOUS!!!!

Diane said...

That's soooo pretty.

Lia Nord said...

I LOVE the short color changes in your shawl--I wish I had found autumn colors with these short changes. As it is, my shawl is blue with short--only a few stitches--color changes. Your shawl is really pretty!