Monday, October 08, 2007


Warning!! This is a picture heavy post. hehe

I finally got my butt in gear and took pictures of my latest WIPs.

The Autumn Mystery shawl from that started on 9-15.

Yeah, I've only got clue 1 done. I actually finished it like 2 weeks ago but didn't get around to taking pictures of it. Working the two jobs just hasn't left me much time to work on it and the printer was broken and I wasn't able to print the second clue. But I have printed it out and I'm gonna start on clue 2 in just a bit.

The Galveston mystery shawl. I'm still about 10 rows away from starting the edging.

Here is a close up of the last clue. Can ya see how close I am to finishing the darn thing? lol Just gotta close the diamond up and it's on to the edge.

The Halloween Mystery shawl from I've gotten 34 rows of the first clue done. There are a total of 80 rows. :O( Clue 2 just came out. I'm a lil behind. hehe

A close up of the center section.

And a closeup of the side. It's a half round shawl. First time for this sort of construction and I'm liking it. It's hard to see the beads, but they are a see-through purple. I really love how they match the shawl.

Not sure why, but my left hand is causing me some troubles today. I do have a pair of craft gloves and I'm going to see if wearing one on my left hand will help. Cause I really want to do some knitting tonight. I might even pick up the Swan Lake mystery stole for a bit. lol


FaeryCrafty said...


Anonymous said...

Good Lord make me sick!! lol jk jk
Seriously....when are you going to let me pay you to make one of these grand shawls for me?? I am drooling over here looking at these images!! These are stunning Becky...once again an amazing job my friend!!


Lia Nord said...

I love the Autumn shawl in the Spice Colorway! The Country silk will soften up when it is washed--I know how you feel, because it is a little rough as you knit it.

Also I've been waiting for someone to post the Halloween shawl--it's gorgeous! And I like the Galveston shawl too! Good work.

Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful!
Plus you are sooooo much better than i am at closeups!

knitting by Steph said...

beautiful stuff! I've not tackled lace-weight yet, could be all those little hands that scary me from it...