Thursday, May 26, 2005


Jon you are such a pill. Just rain on my parade and destroy my dream of a white and black bag. sniff sniff roflmao j/k Once you said something, I did remember hearing that white wool doesn't felt well. *sigh* I forget just what colors I have coming though. I suppose I could pull up my eBay stuff and look, but well that would make to much sense. :P

I'm still trying to find the right pattern. I'll probably just wing it though. I know you have to knit the bag up about twice as big as you want it to be after felting. I think. hehe I've only been knitting for about 15 months so pbbbbllllltttttttttt. I'm supposed to still be dumb about most knitting stuff. I'll do more reading before I actually start making the bag.

I've made quite a bit of progress on my sweater lately. I've divided for the front and back and I've got a bit done on the front. I was going to work the front and back at the same time, but I didn't have an extra skein with me last night. I started working on the back today but realized that purling while using the exercise bike isn't really all that easy. hehehe

Oh and I bit the bullet today. I started a new yahoo group for crafty people in my area, DubuqueLandCrafters. The only group I found at MeetUp was inactive. I'm not paying almost $20 a month to start a group. Yahoo is free. Hopefully, I'll get some people to join. You have no clue how sucky it is to not know anyone that knits or crochets. I've applied to join Iowa Chicks Knitting, but have heard nothing back yet and I don't think any of them live to close to me.

Oh well, I'm gonna head out in the living room and knit awhile and try to find something to watch on tv.


Jon said...
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Jon said...

Raining again:

When you felt, it will shrink more in lenth than in width. You want your stitches to be nice and loose. If you are double stranding your work, I would recommend using a US13 for the bag. If single, probably a 10, 10.5 or 11 should work.

But there are a gazillion and one felted bag patterns on the net that are free. Maybe check out the Suki bag on

Lemme know if you need help!