Thursday, May 05, 2005

This and That

Well I got my sock yarn yesterday. I'm starting to think maybe I knit a bit loose. I was playing with the Kroy whick calls for 3s but I was using 2s. To me it seemed a little loose. I guess I just need practice with actual sock yarn. All the slipper socks I've made are with worsted weight yarn. Later on, I'll scan the yarn so that y'all can see what I got. I think I did pretty good though. I got 6 skeins of sock yarn for about $18 and that included shipping.

I'm constantly searching for new sources of yarn. It really sucks having no money though. I see all this great yarn but I can't afford to even buy like 1 skein of it. Might as well forget about making a sweater out of anything other than acrylic right now. I'll keep searching and dreaming though.

Another thing I'm having trouble with is finding patterns that go big enough. I don't look like I'm all that big but when I check my measurements against most patterns I still will have to add like 10 inches in the bust. *sigh* I would get a bust reduction but hell then my tummy would be more obvious. roflmao. I'm working on trying to loose weight but I've been so ill and my body is so sore that it is hard to do any physical stuff. The doc is sending me to physical therapy starting next week though. I sure hope it helps. If I could just walk without limping like crazy I would be so happy. The limping makes my back hurt even more. Ok enough talking about the bod. Y'all probably think I'm a whale now. lol Most people think that I weigh less than 200 lbs though. God I wish I did.

Ok more on the knitting and stuff. I got a bunch of work done on my sweater last night. I think it nearly doubled in size. Oh and before I forget, Jon suggested that I look in Interweave Knits for a Debbie Bliss pattern for hints on my sleeve problem. Well I'm not sure which issue Jon was looking at, but I picked up the summer issue. The only Debbie Bliss pattern I saw was a shrug. I didn't see one project that was really done in the round. Well ok that gross looking green thing was in the round but I can't imagine that was what Jon meant. LOL So now I have a fairly expensive magazine that has no patterns in my size. grumble The baby patterns are kind of cute though and I have a feeling that if I really tried I could adjust a few of the patterns to make them fit me. Thank God I'm fairly good at math.

I've updated my links section too. I have more blogs to add but I forgot. LOL I've added the Yahoo groups I belong to and my personal web sites. Most everything has to do with PSP, but my crochet site does have a few free patterns that I designed. I've got a couple more patterns that I really should type up and put on the site. I'm just too lazy. :OP

Ok I got stuff to do and people to bug. Laters


goblinbox said...

I hear you about yarn prices! I have a couple projects all picked out but I never have the $100-$200 needed to buy the yarn. So I tend to make smaller things like slippers and hats and scarves.

Check the Interweave web site for help - they have (or did have) tips and tricks there.

Jon said...

OK, so I'm a moron. But what else is new? (snort!)

Perhaps it was the spring issue. I don't remember but I can look at home if you are truly innerested. It's a sweater on a brat that is knit in the round from the bottom up. Once you get to the pits, you stop the body and work both sleeves in the round. Then you join all three pieces together and knit across the yoke in the round. Make sense? I didn't think so. I'll look for the pattern when I get home tonight. If you want, I can even snail mail it to you, if you don't have it.

As for finding sweaters in your size, have you looked at the unisex sweaters in Rowan? Those might go up to your bust size. Also Family Circle has plus size patterns sometimes. Sometimes they suck rocks and other times, they just rock.

As for yarn, don't compromise your good fashion sense and taste! Acrylic sweater? Cut some holes in a hefty bag and wear that for a day around the house. That's what you'll feel like in an acrylic sweater. Save your money for the yarn for the sweater of your dreams. You'll be glad you did.