Friday, May 06, 2005

I feel so jipped

At about 12:30 I remembered that I was supposed to be having company coming at about 1:30. So of course I had to go running around the house picking things up. I am a horrible housekeeper. Part of it is my health and my back but I'm also just so lazy when it comes to cleaning. LOL Any real amount of cleaning house tends to make my back just ache something fierce and I end up getting so dang warm I wanna just die. Well today I cleaned like crazy for and hour and then folded a big pile of laundry. I sat down to do the laundry at about 1:30 and was wondering where the heck CJ was at. So I'm folding and it is getting later and later. Well finally at 2:00 I came in here to mess with mail some more and I discover an e-mail from CJ. She only e-mails me at an address I hardly ever check. 99% of the e-mail there is junk, so I check it usually only once a week. Well CJ is sick once again. I swear she is sick every other week with either bronchitis or pneumonia. She is the only person I know who is sick more often than me. hehehe So I worked my ass off getting the house clean for her and she isn't even coming over. hrumph

Thank you Mush for the comment. I just realized I've been to your site before. hehehe I don't know if I found you through Iowa Chicks Knitting or through Jon. I haven't joined ICK yet or commented. I'm lazy like that. I've been searching for any shops within like 3 hours of Dubuque that have halfway decent yarn for a halfway decent price. I've got a nice little driving trip all planned out for if I ever with Powerball. hehehe

I think I have an idea of what you are talking about Jon. I'm just not sure how many stitches I would use for the underarm. I like my sleeve with a lot of ease and I just keep seeing myself making a sweater where I can't lift my arms. LOL I'll give it some thought though. I've only got enough of my sweater done to cover my tush. I've got a ways to go til I hit the pit area.

Ok I've gotta go hop in the shower since I got all sweaty again from cleaning up the house. It is has finally gotten warm here again. Like they say in Iowa though, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. I'm off to my mom's house for awhile too. Dad always flips if he doesn't get to see the rugrat often enough.

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goblinbox said...

You should come on over and join ICK, dear!