Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm pitiful

Here it is a Saturday night and I'm sitting at home alone and blogging. Ahhh the joys of being single. ehhhhhhh but I'm in a good mood. :P I got the wool that I won off of eBay. What I took as being white, is actually natural wool. So tomorrow I'll be doing a small swatch and testing to see if it will felt. There is a nice big skein of black that I'm sure will felt. I just might get out the camera and see if it still works. hehehe It is too dark in the house to try and take pics tonight. What I really want to do is steal my mom's camera. It is a real nice one and takes great pictures.

I also got my box of yarn from Herrschners too. I'm surprised that it arrived so soon. I think it took over 2 weeks last time. The peach yarn is a little brighter than I would have liked, but oh well. Mom keeps trying to get me to wear brighter colors anyway. I would rather just live in gray t-shirts though. :P I got the 2 pairs of US3 circulars in the box too. Now I'm ready for when Mummsie decides to give her tutorial on how to do socks on 2 circs. Yeah I know there are tutorials on the web. I've got one saved, but it is nice to have someone to bug when I get stuck.

Speaking of bugging people. I've got a question about some wool yarn I won the other night. Yeah I'm addicted to eBay, so bite me. :P Anyways, I won an auction for 20 skeins of bright ass red wool. My questions is on how difficult would it be to dye it a tad darker. I'm thinking of using either brown Rit dye or a dark red. I know I'm going to have to test before jumping in on all of the yarn, I'm just wondering if I should dye it before I make something with it or after. I should have enough of it to make myself a sweater and one for my son. Hey I don't have a daughter to dress up so he is my victim. hehehe Actually, all I've made him so far are some slippers. Oh I've crocheted him stuff, just not made him anything other than knit slippers.

Oh, and if anyone could tell me where to get the buttons for the Amazon wish lists, I would be very grateful. I've searched that whole damn web site for anything at all and came up empty handed. :(

Ok enough blabber for tonight. I've got zounds of mail to go through and I want to get some shares sent to my PSP groups. Niters

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