Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I can't search worth crap

I checked the mail today and there was a box there waiting for me. When I saw how small it was, I got a bit confused. All the small orders that I've paid for have already come in. I thought to myself that if this was the 20 skeins of red wool that I won off of eBay that I got screwed. LOL Well it was the yarn. Boy howdy did they squish that yarn into the box. The box doesn't show the measurements, but it is the USPS flat rate box that costs $7.70.

The yarn is Pingouin Pure Laine No4. It is a nice soft dk weight wool yarn. I guess laine is French for wool. Pingouin doesn't sell it's yarn to the US any more according to one blog I was just looking at. I tried doing a search on Google, but the only results I got were French blogs that mentioned the yarn and eBay auctions for it. Yes there are care instructions on the labels, that wasn't what I was looking for. It feels like a nice yarn and I was curious if I could find some more. hehe

I keep telling my son that I'm going to fill the house totally with yarn so that he will have to swim through it to get to the bathroom. :P I told him that today when he started asking what was in various boxes in my room. I've only got 3 boxes out in my room, but there are about 4 boxes in the closet. I've got an under bed storage box with yarn in it and I just brought my tall storage carts back in from the garage. I moved them there when I had to put up the Christmas tree. I needed to make room out in the garage for the couch that my mom bought for the family room in the new house. Don't ask me where we are going to put it when we have a garage sale here next weekend. hehe

I'm thinking that in the next couple weeks I'm going to have to dig out all my yarn from it's various hiding places and take inventory. It will be at least 2 weeks before I get to it though. I've got to get my butt moving and get stuff together for the garage sale. God I hate garage sales. hehehe I'm going to get rid of a lot of crap this time. I've got about 20 storage totes out in the garage with stuff I can't fit in my apartment. I've got to get rid of some of it. I've got tons of little statues and crap that my dad has given me. Only reason I've kept any of it is because they were gifts. You can't sell gifts can you?? hehehehe I'm still debating on if I should sell the velvet painting of an indian and wolf that my brother gave me years ago and I've never hung up. I am not sure what part of it I like less. The crappy frame or the velvet painting itself. hehe Actually I do like the picture but I wish it wasn't on velvet. I'm big on all things having to do with wolves. Heck my son's middle name was supposed to be Christopher-Wolf. For some reason the hospital wouldn't put it on his birth certificate though. Lord knows I've seen much weirder names out there.

Well time for me to get moving. I need to hop in the shower real quick and run in to buy cookies. I just found out today that my son's class is going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow since it falls in the middle of June and Thursday is their last day. I just really don't want to go back out in the stinky heat again.


Michelle said...

I love the idea of swimming through yarn to get to the bathroom! LOL

Jon said...

I don't think you can sell gifts...it's bad gift karma. Unless they are from your ex and then you can do whatever you want with them. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! Guess who... it's your Secret Pal :)