Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My brain has died

Ok so maybe not all of my brain is gone. But I seem to have killed off a few brain cells again. To be totally honest, it isn't all my fault. First I did suffer a head injury. Yes it was 11 years ago, but the effects are still very present. Second, I gave birth to a kid that could drive a saint nuts. Third, I'm blonde. LOL Well, the blonde is some what chemically enhanced, but that isn't my fault either. (seeing a pattern?) I let my hair go back to it's natural dark blonde and my mom had a fit. She said I didn't look right and kept asking when I was going to lighten it again. In her defense, I've been lightening my hair since I was 18 and I'm now 33. (still sends a shiver of doom when I say I'm that old. hehe)

The reason for this post is the package I got yesterday. My order of yarn from BusyHandsYarn. I didn't notice when I placed the order that the store is in Canada. Not a real big deal in the long run. I had convinced myself that I had ordered some Cascade 220. Ummmmmmmm that isn't what I ordered. I ordered some Noro Kureyon no53. hehe Don't ask me why the heck I had it in my head that I ordered Cascade 220. I can't answer that one. I did remember that I ordered yet more sock yarn and a nice sweater pattern. The pattern is Sirdar #5993. It is a raglan done with DK yarn and has 4 sort of fake cables down the center front. I'll have to adjust the pattern to be a little bit larger, but it shouldn't be all that hard. The main body pattern is quite easy looking.

I also realized, that I didn't order enough of the Kureyon to make a bag on it's own. My mom had me on eBay looking for my uncles reborn doll auctions, so I did a search for some wool yarn. I won a lot of 11 skeins of yarn for about $15 w/shipping. There are 4 skeins of white and then some brown, black and dark red. I'm really hoping that it will work for felting. I'll make the bag from the white and black and use the Kureyon as an accent. I'll knit up a small swatch of the white and black to make sure it will felt before I bother making the bag.

I received 2 other packages yesterday also. I got the set of sock dpns I ordered from Chappy. You should really go check out her auctions on ePier. She has lots of knitting needles and sock yarn from Bernat. Also if you like counted cross stitch, she has TONS of patterns and kits. I dunno how she keeps up with all her auctions. My head spins when I go through them. hehe I've got another order in with her for a Delta Burke sweater pattern. In fact, she is going through her patterns and looking to see what other DB patterns she has available. It will be nice to knit a sweater pattern that I won't have to alter. LOL

The other package was a belated birthday present from Allyson. :O) TY sweetie for the fun program. It's a program to help make tags for my always list.

Ok, it's nap time for bonzo. I'm about ready to fall over.


Jon said...

No No No!!! Sorry punkin but the white won't felt. Don't waste your time.

Black will work great and with the Kureyon, will be a nice bag for you.

Jon said...

OK, I'm back. I admit three Nos was a bit excessive but I just wanted to save you a lot of confusion and heartache.

By and large, white wool will not felt. That's because in order for it to get the color it is, the yarn manufacturer has to bleach the hell out of it. There are, however, naturally white wools on the market that will felt. A good one is WoolPak from NZ. Lionbrand claims that their fisherman's wool will felt but it's got lanolin in it and I highly doubt that it will. It may full but not felt. (there's a difference there)

OK class, that's it for today's lesson. Any questions?