Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bad blogger baaaad blogger

Sorry I've AWOL since my little slide into weirdness on Thursday. Ya see I've got a terrible addiction. It has pretty much taken over my life. I used to sit and play solitaire while waiting for web pages to load. I only connect at 28.2k you see. So I have plenty of time while I'm online reading mail and blogs and surfing for yarn and patterns. I have hardly played solitaire at all this last week. I can't help it. All I want to do is feed my addiction.

About a week ago, a kind sole gave me the entire Harry Potter collection. I've been sucked into the world of magic and witches. Last week, I was laughing about all the people who had read book six by Monday morning. I'm not laughing any more. You see, I've just finished book 3. I can not believe I've read 3 books in under a week. roflmao I so loved the ending of the 3rd book. It was so dang funny. I sorely wish they had put it in the movie. I've only actually seen the 3rd movie like 2 times. I own the first one on tape and DVD and the second one on DVD. I just hadn't gone ahead and bought the 3rd. Guess I'm going to have to now. hehehe

It has been a couple months since I've actually read more than news stories or magazines. Heck I bought a copy of Talisman about a month ago and haven't touched it. I'm a total Stephen King fanatic and I haven't even cracked the cover yet. hehe I've got nearly every one of his books either in paperback or hard cover. I've actually got a couple in both.

I'm sick I tell ya when it comes to books. If you were to look at my book collection (when it isn't stacked on the shelf in my closet), you would swear they were brand new. Covers in perfect condition. No folded corners or smudges on the pages. At an early age, my son realized, you do NOT touch mommy's books. Yes I do eat and drink while I read, but not one drop touches my books. I take the dust jackets off when I read them so they don't get bent. OK, I know I have one cover bent up. The thing is, I keep shifting the darn book and the cover separately. Do you think I would have the sense to put the cover back on the next time I move things around and put it away??? Noooooo It has been floating around the house for like a year now. I'm seriously fighting to not go look for it right now as I need to get to bed. hehe

I have been knitting some though don't worry. I've finished the ribbing on the bottom of my sweater. I realized though that I was using size 10US when I thought I was using 10.5. sigh Well the dpns that I started making are just a bit larger than 10s. I've got to sand them and put some wax on them yet. I haven't cut the second dowel yet and I'm thinking I'll buy another one and make them even longer. I'm seriously nervous about doing the neck and sleeves. hehe Never done them before in knitting.

My mother gave me a bag on Friday. It had a couple balls of crochet thread in it and a pattern book for some really goofy looking stuffed animals made in crochet. Then she tells me that at the garage sale there had been tons of yarn!!!!!!! I told her I work with yarn a heck of a lot more than thread, but she says I have too much yarn as it is. ummmm If only she knew how much thread was stashed in bags in my closet. roflmao Anyway, next Monday they take possession of their new house and my mom wants new doilies for her end tables and such. Oh yippy, thread crochet with tiny hooks and my hands that get sore real quick doing it. whhhaaaaa I know I have some knitted doilie patterns somewhere on a disk or on my hard drive. I think I'll give one a shot and see if it is easier on my hands.

sigh I really should get my butt to bed. I really really want to actually start sewing up a bag with the sheep fabric. I dug my sewing machine out of the closet and I've got the thread and lining fabric. I just have to pull up a pattern and get started. I have to get my kitchen cleaned first though. I just about died when I went out there earlier. Today, ok technically yesterday, I did most of the dishes and wiped down the counters. Well I went out to get a lil cup of ice cream and some chocolate and found lil bitty ants all over the counter and the stove. I'm not talking a couple, I'm talking at least 50 or more. shiver I got out the spray and sprayed everything down and let it sit for a bit. Then I wiped the counters down again. God forbid the kid goes to make toast and gets ants and spray on his toast. ewwww When I get up, I'm gonna take everything off the counters and use some Mr. Clean or something one it all. I used the last of the bleach the other day, so that will have to do. Ok ok g'nite.

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Jon said...

You're just now reading the series??? Where have you been, under a rock or just living in Iowa? LOL