Saturday, July 02, 2005

My mommy loves me

The folks went garage saleing this morning and my mom remembered me in her searching. She found a bag that had a couple books in it and a pair of knitting needles and snagged it for me.

The first book is a 1970s copy of The Complete Book Of Knitting and Crocheting by Marguerite Maddox. Some of the pages are loose, but none are missing. The other is Learn to Tat Coats & Clark's Book no. 240 from 1974. I have no clue how to tat. The only thing I know about it is that it takes a long time to finish even a small doily or bookmark.

There was also a pair of 14" aluminum US5 needles. I'm thinking that I don't already have a pair in my stash anywhere. There was a tape measure and a spool of thread with a needle also. That's a spool of sewing thread. hehehe I have a sewing machine, but I've rarely used it. Mostly because I don't have any sewing thread. LOL I need to pick some up so I can make my knitting bag and needle roll out of the sheep fabric.

Well, the race is going to be starting here in a couple minutes. FINALLY!!!! It was supposed to start at like 630 I think and it is almost 10. Crappin rain. Anyways, I'm going to finish up with mail and watch the race. I might work on Branching Out some more. I got quite a bit done at my folk's house today. Is so nice to knit without the kid having to pester me every few minutes. He is staying over night at their house tonight. *VBG*


FaeryCrafty said...

Aww that was nice of her :) I love yardsale finds!

Calvin said...

I remember finding a big set of knitting needles at an antique store one time and almost bought them. There were, however, worse-for-ware and so I did not. I couldn't help but wonder who they previously belonged to and the knitting stories behind them.

laurie said...

That was so nice of her! I adore old knitting books. They just make me so happy to look at all their glamour shot poses, LOL. Creepy guys in cardigans, etc. I just love them!