Thursday, July 28, 2005

No clue for a title

Have you ever been so dang tired that you just can't freaking sleep? I've been like that for the last week or so. I already suffer from fatigue most days. This is just worse. At least I can normally sleep at night. Lately I'm lucky to get to sleep before 3 or 4 and then I'm up by 8 or so. Then I'm so tired all day I want to cry. I try laying down for a nap but I just toss and turn. One of my docs gave me a prescription for a sleeping pill. Can't say as it is helping though. sigh

At least I have the H. Potter books to read. I'm now half way into the 5th book. The reason I haven't read them before now is because I haven't bought any books in quite some time. Probably 2 years. I also live out in the boonies and I'm not sure where the county library is. I'm pretty dang sure that is must be pretty small to be in the town that I think it is in. I need to get a buddy that lives in town because that library is pretty cool. Of course I have a fine left from when my son's father was living with me. He was too freaking lazy to get off his ass and walk the books about 5 blocks away while I was at work. Hell I would have him drive me to work so that he could take the laundry to be washed and he would pick me up from work and the wash hadn't been done. Granted I am not working now, but what kind of 'man' sits on his ass at home and does nothing while his pregnant girlfriend works 40 hours a week and pays all the bills??? I'm sorry but he wasn't that cute or that good in bed for me to put up with it for very long. That was one of the reasons he left. I wouldn't agree to let him stay at home and take care of the kid. Ummmmmm hell no. I barely made enough money to pay the bills as it was. Like there was money to pay for the kid's stuff out of my check. Yes he did have a job when he moved in and we got engaged. I think about a month after he moved in he got fired because his whiney ass was sick too often to go to work.

Ok, enough ranting on the ex-pos. Anyways, the reason I'm now able to read the books is because someone lent the set to me. When I'm done, I'm sending them on to another friend. Maybe some day I'll buy my own copies. Oh, well. I would much rather spend money on yarn. And no, I haven't bought any yarn since the first of this month. I don't think I've even been on eBay in like 2 weeks to oogle the yarn.

As far as the knitting goes, Branching Out is almost finished. I only work on it at my folk's house. Last night I really tried to start knitting a small doily for my mom. I can't even count the number of times I ripped the damn thing out. I was using regular bedspread weight thread and size 5 dpns. Well that just wasn't working for me. So I figured I would go with real small needles and the only aluminum dpns I had free were size 0. Well after a couple rip outs I thought I was doing great. I was flying through the pattern. It is a kind of pinwheel design. The thing that stopped me cold is that the number of stitches was decreasing by 27 stitches per round. Ummmm I want a doily that is going to lay flat not a damn bowl. Then I realized that I was only doing the odd number rows. My dumbass didn't notice the row numbers and the note at the beginning that the even rows were all knit. groan I ripped it out and put the needles away. After searching for a few mins I found a really cool crocheted doily pattern from the August '96 Magic Crochet. There was a time when I got about 10 or more crochet and cross stitch magazines a month. That was when I was working full time and living at home with my folks and had no bills to pay other than car insurance. sigh Those were the days. hehehe

Ok, enough yabbering. I need to finish my mail and try to get some sleep. We need to go grocery shopping in the morning. I'm about out of Pepsi. Can't live without the Pepsi. My mom swears I have Pepsi running through my veins. hehe Nite y'all.


FaeryCrafty said...

Sounds like my sister's soon to be ex.

Sus- said...

Just so you know I was here reading...and miss you :)

Glad you're enjoying the books...