Monday, July 11, 2005

Holding back the tears

Once again I'm up to late. At the moment I'm too upset to sleep. I know I will end up having bad dreams if I try to sleep right now. When I'm up late, I like to go through the various sections of Yahoo News. I also watch the local NBC news. I try to keep up with at least some of what is going on in the world. I don't however read the local paper very often. I only read it at the folk's house. I'm too cheap to pay the 50 cents a copy except on special occasion. :OP

Anyways, I just came across this story: Remains identified as Missing Idaho Boy. I passed the story along to my 3 best friends. I included a rant about how I so wish I could get my hands on the beast who did this. I can't call him a man. He doesn't deserve that respect. I wish public executions were still allowed. He should be taken to a public square and tied spread eagle to the ground. Then the public should be allowed to beat the son of a bitch to death. I would give anything to stomp on his head.

I had so hoped that they would find Dylan Groene alive. I had hoped that Duncan had a partner and that he had Dylan. But it seams that the beast worked alone. I don't understand the mentality of someone who would literally wipe out a family. I don't even want to imagine what he did to those poor children. I am sure that Shasta will be in therapy for a very very long time. I do so pray that at some point she comes to peace with all of this. Her father is going to have a rough road in raising her without her feeling guilt at surviving.

All of this makes me just wish to stay in my home with my kid and not deal with the world. And then I remember that they were in their home when this all started. The idea of loosing my son or leaving him just scares me to death. It hurts just to think of it. My folks have worried that I would do something stupid and try to kill myself. I could never do that to my son. The emotional damage of loosing a parent that way would be devastating. He is going to have enough of a complex wondering why his father isn't around. I dread having to explain it all to him. I have never hidden from his dad. I'm in the phone book. I've had the same number for the full 5 years that I've lived in this house. I've also had the same post office box that I had when he left. He has never tried to contact me. All he has done is hide and deny. he actually insisted on a paternity test. We were living together when I got pregnant. The only time I wasn't with him was when I was at work. And I do NOT cheat. If only I could have shoved those result papers down his throat. sigh

Man I've wandered way the hell off topic here. I tend to do that when I'm upset. Just imagining the loss that Shasta must be feeling is bringing up so many emotions. Every feeling of loss that I've had. There have been so many of them.

No I'm not PMSing. Yes I've been taking my medication. Yes, Sheri, I've been using my pill minder so I don't miss a dose. Granted I've noticed too many times that I've taken my morning pills quite late. Yesterday it was at 5pm. duhhhhh

Ok, time to go blow my nose and wash my face and try to sleep. Tomorrow, or should I say today, I plan on taking bottles to the redemption center and then getting my hair cut. I think we may visit the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Store again. I would like to have project scissors in each of my project bags. I tend to misplace mine often.

G'nite/G'morning everyone. Go hug a kid. Be it your own or a friends. Or just hug a friend. I hear the kid coughing. Gonna give him his puffer and a big ole hug.

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