Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What not to do

Don't use a calendar to keep appointments. Instead put the info on piece of paper and thow it on your desk. Ohhhh btw, this post may not make sense. I can't consentrate hard enough to go back and edit

I took a sleeping pill last night because i was sure that I had yet another doctors appointment this morning. Well I was still up and reading HP until after 2,I took another sleeping pill to make super sure I got to sleep I set the alarm for 7 and got in bed and i think i was to sleep right away.

Alarm goes off this am but sound strange. I got up and was dizzy and confused. I'm thinking I still have tobe athe doctor's. I look at a few emails and realize that it is the day before my appointment.

So here I set trying to rifht this note while my eyes are closed vecause my vision is all swirly. I can't seem to sit very still. I tend to wobblw back and forth in m

Ok, I just about fell asleep here. I have no sens of what is real and what is a dream at hepoint.
since I don't have to be any where and the kid is asleep. I'm gonna go grab some sleep. Hioefuly be more coherent later. Dan't promise I wll actually be more with if

Will post again later sanse the drug

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Jon said...

Damn're a mess.