Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bored in Iowa

I couldn't think of a title for this post. Am not really all that bored, but I don't have much to report. I've been having trouble sleeping so I've been even more tired than usual. I lost the delivery confirmation number for the package I sent my secret pal. I have no idea if she got it or not. She is on a bit of a blog vacation because of having a very very busy July planned. She hasn't written me back either. sigh I know she has a lot going on right now with 2 very large projects going. I just wish I knew if she liked what I sent her.

Yarn diets suck!! I have to stick to my yarn diet at least for this month because I'm broke. roflmao Damn near drove me nuts the other day. I found an online place that was having a 30% off sale and they have all the colors of Cascade 220. whaaaaa It is so hard to pass up a great deal. I've stayed away from eBay pretty much. I only bid on one auction because the price was ridiculously low. I figured I wouldn't win but at least I could run the price up a little bit for the seller. hehehe I've sold quite a bit on eBay and I know the frustration that goes with having something go for a really low price. Of course I've been a buyer who has gloated about getting a ridiculous deal. hehehe

A word to the wise. Never ever buy a 4 lb hank of yarn unless you have a swift. OMG it is a mess. I've got the darn thing on the floor wrapped in a sheet so I can put it up on my bed if I want without it falling apart more. If I wasn't so set on having large balls of yarn so I don't have to weave a lot of end, I would have cut the damn yarn many times over. hehehe Right now It kind of looks like a huge donut stuck in a nylon stocking, only the stocking is the outside layer of yarn. It goes in streaks of being easy to wind off and then being one big tangle that I have to sit and screw with. I go into a trance when I start messing with winding this yarn. Good for the mind but I'm killing my back sitting on the bed working on it.

No t-ball for the kid tonight. It is just too dang hot and humid. I just know he would get sick again. Plus, Dad took his lawn chair out of my truck. I am NOT sitting on the ground. LOL My legs go to sleep so easy when I'm sitting on the ground. I really can do without the bug bites too. If the kid wouldn't have been having so much fun with t-ball, I would have quit going right away. I know that it is for his benefit but it is no fun for me to sit there and be totally ignored by the other parents while they sit and chat with each other. They go out of their way to not sit near me. Big deal that I don't go to their church. I can't deal with sitting through a long church service. Not just because of the boredom. Because of my being tired all the time, I would sit there and yawn through the whole darn thing.

Well, I better get going. Once again, I haven't eaten a dang thing today. Maybe if I eat, I will wake up a bit. Then I'm going to work on either my sweater or the kid's blanket.


FaeryCrafty said...

I agree. Yarn diets suck!!!

Jon said...

bid on my yarn on ebay! I have some Cascade Lana D'oro for sale that is wool and alpaca and great for felting!