Sunday, July 31, 2005

I hate PMS

I don't normally suffer from PMS. I'm always bitchy, so y'all can't blame it on PMS. :OP Right now I'm just totally a mess. I'm depressed and near tears almost all the time. I'm worried about my folk's home loan going though. They have everything packed and are ready to start moving to the new house, but right after their loan was approved almost 2 months ago my father lost his job. They had to reapply for the loan and they aren't sure that they will get it with only my mom's wages and my father's pension. My father has been drinking even more than normal since they found out about all of this. I swear I would so love to have a drink too. I can't do that while on my meds though. grrrr Well, I suppose one drink wouldn't do me any great harm, but I don't have any alcohol in my house. I haven't for over 2 years now. I sure could go for some Southern Comfort though. mmmmm

Anyways, I am making lots of progress on the doily. I've just about got the center part done. The outer area has a lot of chaining and then some thistles. The pattern is called Tiny Thistles btw. I just thought it was so pretty and didn't look all that hard. I'm not sure if it will fit on the end tables that Mom has. It may end up being a centerpiece for one of our kitchen tables. With size 40 thread, it is supposed to be 18 3/4 inches, but I'm using size 10. I've got way more size 10 than anything else. I do think I have a bit of size 20 in my stash, but I've got zounds of thread. Suprisingly, my hands haven't been getting sore from the thread crochet. My left thumb is sore, but that is from cracking it. It is a bad habit that I really need to break. I've got another habit of rubbing the bottom of my foot with my thumb when I'm sitting at my desk. By the time I go to bed, where the bones of my thumb continue into my hand hurts. I'm not sure how to describe it. It really isn't my thumb, per se, that hurts. It is the muscles and such of the palm of my hand where the thumb bones continue. Can you tell I've taken my nightly pills that make me tired? lol

I'm going to pick up one of the scarves/wraps that I was knitting a while ago to take to the knit together at Borders. Most of my other projects are kind of bulky or just kinda boring. hehe Although just doing stocking stitch around the foot of a bootie would be easy to do will chatting. I'm actually not very sure if anyone else from ICK is going to be there. I posted on the blog that I'll be hiding in the corner until I see some yarn. hehe I've never actually seen anyone else knit in person. I don't know anyone off line that knits or crochets. I crocheted with my grandma but she died 12 years ago now. I miss her yearly mad rush to get her crocheted angel ornaments done in time. :O)

Well time to start downloading some mail. I've got some reading to do before going to bed too.

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