Sunday, July 10, 2005


It's currently 2:15am. I should be sound asleep. Or at least yawning and ready to get to bed. But I'm not even slightly tired. I just figured out part of the problem. Some dumbass forgot to take her nightly pills. I'm so pissed. It usually takes about an hour for the pills to kick in and make me tired if I'm not already tired when I take them. I have no urge to stay up til 4am yet again. It drives me completely batshit. I have trouble staying awake most days. I end up having to take at least an hours nap. And then I have nights where I can't freakin GET tired enough to sleep. I'm not what is worse, being tired all the time, not being able to sleep or switching between the two. uuugggghhhhhhh

Usually when I stay up too late I get hungry repeatedly. I haven't eaten since about 8. I had a couple burgers from the place across the street. Hell I haven't even touched the kid's cookies that are in my filing cabinet. Part of me is tempted, but I'm really not feeling interested in eating cookies. Now if the kid was awake, I know he would be after them. Half hour later he would be wanting another one. If he didn't get one, he would be calling me a brat or saying I didn't like him. Why are boys such pains in the ass? This afternoon he decided that he wanted to ride his bike after months of not wanting to. I had a bad headache and told him that I didn't want to go out. Then I hear the door to the garage bang a couple times. I go out in the living room and he has his bike in the house to take it out the front door. He is standing there with his sandals on, a t-shirt and his boxer shorts. To make matters worse, his shorts were twisted and he was practically exposing his lil willy to the wind. It didn't register to him that he didn't have pants on. The kid is WEIRD!!!!!

I trekked to the post office to see if the rest of my yarn had arrived yet. sigh Nope, not yet. :O( I wound up the twinkletoes sock yarn last night. I've changed my mind about it. It is actually softer than my first impression of it. It was super easy to wind up. I simply hung the hank off of my knee and used a cardboard container to wind the yarn around. It only got tangled a couple times. It is shades of red, orange, yellow and green. Looks pretty funky wound up, but it looked great in the hank so I'm sure it will look great knitted up. I just have too many projects going to start another pair of socks.

Oh and btw Jon you are such a brat. :OP While I may have trolled around eBay looking at the yarn I am NOT bidding on any. Telling me that you have some up for auction was just so mean. hehe I've got boxes and bags of yarn here in my room whining at me to turn it into the projects that they were purchased for. I've got at least 3 sweaters in the plans for myself. One for the kid in shades of gray. I want to make at least one felted bag yet. I should have enough wool here and in the mail on it's way to me to make at least one more too. I've got socks for myself and my mother on the needles right now. I've also got Branching out staring at me to start the second skein of yarn. Not to mention the green boucle sweater. I did manage to work on that tonight. I've also started on making the dpns to knit the sleeves with. Lots of sanding to do yet though.

I spent most of tonight reading the archives on an interesting blog. The Adventures of a Snowball in Hell. She tells some very funny stories and reminds me of why I'm glad as hell that the kid's father is not in the picture. If he ever acted even half as annoying as Mr. X, I think I would be in jail for murder. I think I might be able to convince the jury it was self defense though. She is another one of the bloggers that makes me wish I had a pet of some sort. I so miss having a dog. Hell I'm at the point of even wishing I had a cat. hehehe They make my poor nose itch like no tomorrow though. Someday I'm going to get the kid a guinea pig. They are small enough to not take much room but big enough to actually play with.

Ok, enough rambling. Sorry I couldn't come up with anything interesting or even halfway entertaining. I have a boring life. It's bad when the highlight of my day is driving 2 blocks to the post office and back again.

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FaeryCrafty said...

I know what you mean. The highlight of my day today was going to Walmart and Sam's! LOL!