Monday, May 15, 2006


Man I'm glad that Monday is almost done with. Ok the day wasn't totally sucky but sucky enough. grumble

Went out of town Saturday with my folks and the kid. We attended my aunt's surprise 60th birthday party. It wasn't all that bad. I got to see some cousins that I hadn't seen in years. They live all over the damn place. One cousin lives in California. He makes slasher movies. One just got picked up by Blockbuster. The others live in different parts of Iowa and in and around Chicago. The kid had loads of fun playing with the oldest's kid. No one was hurt and nothing was broken. Well they did destroy quite a few balloons, but that was it. heh The sucky part came in when my mom's camera decided to die. It looks like the shutter won't come away from the lens. So being the good daughter that I am, I gave her back the camera I was buying off her. Now I'm left with the pos again. Pictures will be limited until I buy a new one.

Mother's Day wasn't too bad. The kid gave me a pillow case that he decorated at school. It's real cute but I won't be using it. I don't want to ruin it or anything. I didn't give Mom anything, save for a card. I figured that giving her the camera back was sacrifice enough. hehe My brother was home and it was nice seeing him even though I did see him the night before at the birthday party. hehe

Today at work I learned that I would be loosing my favorite plaything. It seems that I annoyed the hell out of him so bad that he asked to be moved to a different machine. Bwwwwaaahaaahaaahaaaa He was just so damn easy to mess with. I never did anything too mean to him. I just pestered him some. I'll have to make sure to say hi to him every chance I get, just so he doesn't forget just how much he loves me. hehehe

In knitting news, I finished one heel and am working up the leg and I'm almost done with the second heel. I got some quality knitting in on the drive on Saturday. I started out driving but Dad just couldn't take it sitting in the backseat. He kept pestering the kid and at one point, Nick looked at Dad and said, "You little asshole!" HAHAHA We all told him that wasn't nice once we could keep a straight face and not giggle like little girls. What I really wanted to tell the kid was to keep it up, the old man needs to hear the truth. hehe Needless to say, after that Dad drove and I sat in back with the kid.

Well, I'm gonna get my aged ass to bed. I'm feeling so damn old it isn't funny. grumble grumble Shut up Allyson. :OP

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