Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sockin along

Well, I finished working a new heel using double wrapped short rows.

I am loving how it looks. There are no holes at all.

There is one problem.

The darn sock is too damn short. It fits, but it is very tight. The heel I worked before had another two rows in the middle of the heel that added just the right additional length. So, as much as I like how the heel turned out, I'm gonna rip it tomorrow. hehe I'm going to work another 2 repeats on the foot before working the heel.

Hell if I had just worked the very first heel I did on the first sock, it would have been done by now. It would have only fit my mom's tiny little feet, but it would be done. snicker

Lots of new fibery stuff here to tell you about. New books, new patterns and new yarn. Alas, I'm about to fall over asleep here. I've got loads of housework to do tomorrow after work, but I swear I'm gonna try and get some pictures taken of my loot.

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