Monday, May 22, 2006

He's trying to kill me!!!

The child is trying to give me a heart attack.

A few minutes ago someone was pounding on my door. I yelled, "Just a minute." They kept banging, so I yelled again. I get to the door and there is a woman standing there yelling that I need to get the keys to my trunk because she thinks there is a kid in there.

I grabbed my keys, hit the trunk button and ran outside. The kid climbed out of the trunk crying and covered in sweat.

I just about fainted.

He said that a tractor trailer parked in the diner's parking lot scared him. Okkkk and this is a reason to get in a trunk and shut the lid?????

I dunno how or why he opened the trunk, let alone got in it. I swear I locked the car when I got out. I usually do when I don't plan on going anywhere for the night.

Every time he comes near me, I tell him again to never, never, ever get in the trunk of a car. That it could kill him if it is hot enough. It's only about 70 here today but he was sweating bullets.

Why, oh why did I have to have a boy???? I swear I wasn't this annoying/reckless when I was his age. Lord help me the first time he starts a fire. My brother almost burned my grandfather's house when he was about Nick's age. I did on at least one occasion burn paper on the stove, but it didn't start anything on fire. Thank God for multiple smoke alarms.


Colleen said...

Good LORD, Becky, how frightening! I'm glad he's okay. It must be a "boy" thing; my girls have never done anything like that.

Jon said...

So maybe the title "The kid still lives" was a little preemptive? What on earth would have possessed him to get into a trunk? That's insanity!