Sunday, May 21, 2006

The kid still lives

The good news is that I didn't have to kill the kid. He didn't cut up any of my yarn.

The bad news is that he unwound a whole freakin skein of yarn on me. It took me over an hour to untangle and rewind it. Thankfully it was Red Heart acrylic and I didn't have to be too gentle with it. Yes I know, not the nicest yarn out there. Definitely not the nicest yarn in my room. hehe I've been working on this sweater vest for a very long time though. I've got the fronts done and need to cast on the neck stitches and work down the back.

Oh well, time to get dressed. I'm taking the kid to see Over the Hedge. I need a good giggle. I wonder if it will be light enough in the theater to work on my socks? hehehe


matgol said...

Hello Becky, I´am from Madrid, in Spain, I¨D found today your blogg.
I write over Madrid, my city. Ciiao

Colleen said...

You know - ten years from now you'll look back and laugh. I promise. Really. No, really. Stop laughing. You will.