Friday, May 19, 2006


In regards to yesterdays post. It was my birthday. None of my friends managed to remember. I'm not talkin about any of the bloggers I sometimes chat with. None of y'all really knew about it. My best friends did know bout it though. One of em's birthday was a couple weeks ago and she knows mine is soon after hers. Oh well.

Mom made her special pizza for dinner. She even managed to get the kid to eat almost a whole piece that only had cheese on it. Threatening to not let him have any birthday cake is very effective. hehehehe Mom got me a t-shirt and a couple pairs of capris. I swear they are all I wear anymore. I'm gonna have to lose about 5 pounds for the one pair to fit right though. I can get em zipped up but man are they tight. I gotta get working on losing some more weight cause my bro's wedding is on August 5th. He actually remembered my birthday and called my folk's house to wish me a good one. He forgot to mail my card though. hehe

I just started on the I Do shrug from Unbelievably, I was able to get gauge with the correct size needles and the fingering weight alpaca. I really need to get a pair of 16 inch circs to work with though. Trying to work the sleeve on two 29" ones really sucks. I haven't mastered the whole socks on 2 circs either. I just don't think that the magic loop method would work too well with the lace and the stiff ass cables on these Bates pieces of crap. I need me some pliable Addis. Man I love those things.

I've been using US2 Addis to knit my wave socks with. I'm working on the legs now. I had to mangle the stitch pattern though. When I tried the socks on, it was real hard to get them over my huge ass feet. I added 3 stitches and they are much easier to pull on now. I had to change 3 of the repeats on the back of the leg to K2, YO, K2, K2tog, SSK, K2, YO. The other repeats start out with only one knit stitch. It doesn't look too shabby. Once I get a few more rows done, I'll see if I can get a decent picture.

Oh well, I'm gonna go drool on eBay. I'm thinking about putting up a list of my favorite eBay sellers. I'm pretty loyal to a few of them. Lord knows I've got enough of their yarn piled up in my room. Landlord says my room is a fire hazard. hehehe Bitch!!!


FaeryCrafty said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I'm late :) I'm a little slow on blog reading lately!! I'm sorry that your friends forgot your Bday. Big hugs to you!!

StickLena said...

I have been forgotten too, totally. So I know that it hurts. "Friends" used to call, visit and send mail. When I got ill they all fled like I was a sinking ship. Now I have very few new friends IRL and many on the net. People who care, tend to remember your´existance. Hoping this was a one-time-wonder in your life.
Big hug!