Saturday, May 20, 2006

Motivated to organize

My son has provided the motivation. This afternoon while I snoozed, he was watching a movie in my room and, I thought, laying on the floor. Turns out he was being a big ole pain in the ass instead. I had a few projects in plastic bags under my bed. They are no longer under there. They are now in a pile of blankets and yarn at the end of my bed. When I woke up, he had scissors in his hand. I have been too ticked and afraid to look and see what, if anything, he may have cut. So, if you are in eastern Iowa and hear a child screaming loudly for his mother to stop swatting him with a wooden knitting needle, you will know he cut up some of my good yarn. j/k His tv will be taken away for at least a month if he cut anything up. sigh

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