Friday, September 29, 2006

The best laid plans...

Ok, so they weren't actually plans per se.

About 2 months ago, my dad won tickets to Six Flags Great America. We had planned as a family to go this weekend.

Well, Dad lost his job. So my folks are a lil strapped for cash.

Last night Mom told me that she came down with pneumonia. So she is in no shape to be going anywhere.

I had kind of forgot all about the trip until this morning. I got all excited about taking Nick on our first trip together.

So I get home today and give Dad a call. Surprisingly he agreed right away to give me the tickets so that Nick and I could go alone. (If you knew my dad, you would be shocked by that)

Happy lil me goes onto the web site for the park and finds the calendar showing when the park is open.

It is closed this weekend. wwhhhhhhaaaaaaaa

So now I have to cross my fingers that I don't have to work next weekend. And Nick is being a bit whiney cause a week for him is an eternity.

So the big plans for this weekend is to go to freakin McDonald's. They have a play area at the one near where I work. Cross your fingers that the lil turd doesn't get stuck and the top and start screaming like the last time I took him. lol

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FaeryCrafty said...

I hope your mom gets better soon.