Saturday, September 16, 2006

Let the snotfest begin

I've tried to deny it. I ignored it as long as I could.

My body had declared war on me and it is kicking my ass.

I have a nasty slimy drippy head cold. blech

This morning I had to blow my nose and spray shit in my nose for a full hour in order to be able to breath well enough to go to work. I took two different kinds of antihistamines and used some nasty feeling nose spray.

I did pretty well for most of the day. Then at about 1, my nose exploded again. I sneeze and it looks like some horrible alien has flown out my face. And to make things worse, if I sneeze too hard, I have to run to the bathroom cause I start to pee my damn pants!!!

There are good things happening in the land of Frod though. I got a new used rocking recliner for the living room. It is almost the exact shade of rose as the old recliner, complete with the brown fleck in it. The old recliner had a huge spot on the seat where Nick decided to glue a bunch of paper to it. My folks picked up the new chair at a garage sale for $25. Not too shabby.

On the knitting front, I've almost got the heel turned on the first mini cable socks. I'm doing a simple short row heel over half the stitches. I tried to locate the short row heel instructions I saved from Wendy's blog. I'm pretty sure that I printed it as a pdf and at the moment I can't open the damn things. No worries, I just have to restart my pc and they will open again.

This thing is a pos. There is a fan on my motherboard that is trying to die. I'm afraid that one of these days when I turn it off, it won't start up again. So I leave the dang thing on 24/7. I just do a warm reboot once in awhile when I can't clear enough memory to run my programs. If it were a larger fan, there would be no problem in just replacing it, but it is a very small one and so far I haven't found one to replace it. Ok, so I haven't really looked anywhere but at TigerDirect. I've had good luck in buying stuff from them, so that is the first place I head.

Anyways, I'm gonna go take a super hot shower and go to bed. Maybe after a bit of a snooze I'll be alive enough to do some knitting.


Michelle said...

I hope you feel better soon!

FaeryCrafty said...

I hope you are snot free soon!!