Monday, September 11, 2006

Warning: Drunk blogging ahead

Yep, I'm drunk.

It's a Monday night and I have to work tomorrow. But I'm sitting here drinking. Yuppers, getting even more drunk.

Nothing on tv but Sept 11 stuff. Everywhere I turn there are reminders.

I was watching live news coverage when the second plane hit. I had lost my job a couple weeks before and I have no earthly clue why I decided to get up early and watch tv. God damn I wish I had slept in.

I might have dealt better had I not watched it all play out on live tv.

Yeah, so I'm in Iowa. What of it? I didn't know anyone that died that day. I had no personal connection. But I still get unbearably upset when I think about it all. My folks couldn't understand why I wanted to grab my son and head to their house that day. Call me a wuss who wanted her mommy. heh

On a completely different note but one related by death, my heart goes out to Anna Nicole Smith. She lost her 20 yr old son just days after giving birth to a baby girl. He was in her hospital room when she woke up and found him sitting in a chair dead. How fucked up is that??? No clue as of yet why he died. Doesn't really matter in the long run. She has to be devastated.

Ok, enough. I'm not gonna be able to breath if I don't calm myself down and blow my damn nose. Yep, slimy runny nose to go along with my running eyes.

Man I make a lousy drunk. :OP

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FaeryCrafty said...

I also watched the second plane hit on live news. I will never forget it. I wish I could. I can't even begin to imagine what it was like to actually be there :(