Saturday, September 30, 2006

I shoulda known

My folks were being way too reasonable and making things way too easy. When I decided to suggest that Nick and I go to the amusement park by ourselves, I expected my dad to just flat out refuse to give over the tickets. He offered them up without a fuss. I talked to my mom this afternoon and she didn’t make a fuss either.

After talking to Mom, I took Nick to the playland at McDonald’s for dinner. When I got home, there was a message from Mom that she had a great idea about next weekend.

If you don’t know my folks, it all sounds quite reasonable. I have an older cousin that lives in Chicago and she has a son that is just about the same age as Nick. Mom just happened to talk to her right after our talk today. Turns out cousin would love to meet us at the park. Then afterwards, we could stay the night at her younger brother’s house. He lives right near the park. That would eliminate a late night drive home.

Sounds all nice and reasonable. Unless you know my folks.

God forbid that Becky drives herself and her child 4 hours to a very public amusement park and spends the day with her son. Oh no she can’t drive that far alone without someone waiting to make sure she can make the long trek on her own without crashing the car. And no way can she drive in the dark. Oh God forbid!!

I barely know these cousins. They grew up a couple hours from me and are at least 5 yrs older. I think I’ve seen the male cousin once in the last 10 years. And my mom expects him to just say, “Sure no problem, I’ll open my home up to these virtual strangers!” I see the cousin from Chicago maybe once or twice a year. We have nothing in common other than the fact that our kids like to run around like insane people when they see each other.

My dad has a problem with me driving an hour away to go shopping. If I go anywhere out of the immediate area, he practically freaks. He has always been like that. It isn’t something new with my having a kid. And he can’t say it is a fear of my car breaking down. Hello!!! Until a couple months ago, it was his freakin car. It’s got new tires on it and a new alternator along with a new battery.

I have not had a car accident in 13 years. (knock on wood) Granted it was a horrible accident. But I’m no longer 21 and feeling bullet proof. Hell, I haven’t even put the car in the ditch because of snow in like 8 or 9 years.


I just feel like banging my head on a brick wall. My folks wonder why I damn near picked up and moved to Florida without telling them about it.


The whining is over. For now. I guess. But I reserve the right to have another fit at any moment. *wanders off pouting*

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