Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I need to clarify some things.

The married guy at work, let's call him TJ, is not some dirty old man or anything. TJ is about 25 and has been married for about 5 years. He has a 4 yr old and a 6 month old. He loves his wife to no end.

We just like to flirt with each other and talk about sex and lots of other mundane type stuff. We don't go into great detail about any of the naughty stuff. It's all just your basic flirting stuff.

I only mentioned it because it sort of shocked me when he admitted to having a crush on me. And he seriously looked embarrassed that I knew what he had signed to me. I think he was just goofing and didn't think I would know what he was saying.

And when I said I wasn't interested in him, I was talking about in actually doing anything. I totally enjoy talking and flirting with him. But I am in no way attracted to him. He is a skinny guy and I like my guys chubby. Well not to mention the whole married thing. That is all a big ole turn off. lol

But seriously, there is nothing to worry about. I'm just a natural flirt and I have to remember not to cross any lines because he is such a nice guy.

On the knitting front, I am getting closer to finishing clue 1 of the new mystery shawl. No need to bore you with pictures until it is done. I ordered some yarn the other day and it should be here next Tuesday. So I'll have some pics for ya then. I just put in an order for some dyes too. It is a small kit of autumn colored dyes. I have no clue when that will be here. Not that I don't have enough to keep me busy on the whole yarn front anyway.

Oh, did I tell ya that I got a drop spindle?? Haven't quite figured out how to use it yet. It came with instructions, but well I learn better from seeing something done. Which is why I couldn't figure out knitting until I got a cd-rom that showed how to do it. I'll have to take it over to Mom's and see if I can find some videos on YouTube. Cable is a must for watching videos. hehe

Ok, time to go make some lunch. Then more knitting on MS4.

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Mrs. H said...

Ah... this is good to know. Sorry for worrying. I'm sort of a momma hen type. :)

Good luck with the spindle! I've not figured the darn things out, but would love to some day. Making yarn would be so cool!