Monday, August 06, 2007


The kid left a PopTart sitting on the counter on Saturday. I didn't really think about it much.

This morning, my counter was covered with ants!! So I sprayed the lil bastards with some nasty stuff and cleaned the counter off. Used some nice hot water to make sure I got all the lil corpses off and all the chemicals.

Half hour later, I came out to make some lunch.


There wasn't any debris on the counter but the lil bastards were all over the place. So again I sprayed. Then I opened up the cabinet doors below the counter. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yep, more ants. So I pulled everything out of the cabinet. All the cereal was fine, but a box of Ritz crackers was full of ants. I found ants in my empty plastic containers had ants in them too. All the containers are going to have to be washed out. All the cereal and rice and such is going to be going into the containers. Well once I find the right lids that is. hehe

I've set aside my MS3. I'm just not sure if I want to go ahead with the wing or not. Not sure I want to look like a very large bluebird. hehe Once I see some more finished clue 5s, I'll make a decision. In the meantime, I'm still plucking away on MS4. I've only done another 5 rows. lol

Work is going pretty good. One of the guys got hurt yesterday. He was working on his own and ran his hand along some banding and got his hand all cut up. Nothing bad enough for stitches but it just proves that he is a ditz. I did light pipe all weekend, so I'm not real sore today.

I was pretty damn tired though. I had to get up early and took the car to get fixed. I got it back this afternoon. My pocketbook is about $300 lighter. The car got a tuneup, a new pipe on the muffler and the air conditioner got recharged. It was like getting a new car. I could actually hear the kid talking and OMG the heaven of the cold air coming out of the vents. All in all, I got off cheap. I still need to have Dad take a look at the brakes. I can stop fine but they are whining some and I hate that noise.

OK, time to go see if the rain has stopped so I can bring my groceries in. If not, I'm gonna have to find a jacket cause it was pouring when we got home.

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Diane said...

Sorry to hear about your ant problem. They are so hard to get rid of once they figure out you have food. Happy spraying