Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm cursed

CURSED I TELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent the morning trying not to just completely loose it. My pc was on all night and when I went to use it this morning it wouldn't respond. Ok, no biggie. I restarted. Google desktop had updated itself and when I signed on it was loading stuff up. And then my mouse and keyboards wouldn't work.

I restarted the pc again. Things were ok for a few minutes. And then no mouse and keyboard. gggggggrrrrrrr

I restarted yet again. Things appeared to be fine. I started downloading a game from that Giveaway a Day place. I'll look up the link later for y'all. Anyway, everything was sort of stuck and I figured the pc was just being slow. So off to the showers for me while the download proceeded.

I get out of the shower and everything is still stuck. #$%#$ OK, so I restart. It decides that we need to start in safe mode. Ok, no problem. It gives me the option to restore it. So I restore to last night. It starts up and says that there is a corrupt file. It's the system file. #*^#^%@

Soooooooooo.... I get out my system disk and attempt to do a repair. Unfortunately, the computer isn't seeing my main hard drive. AT ALL! I try several times to do a repair and it still will not see my damn hard drive. wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

So I unplug everything on my pc and pull it out of the desk. I opened it up and checked out the hard drives. They were pretty hot. But I guess the computer had been running for a few days so that is to be expected. I pop the drives back in and plugged them back in. Closed it up and attached all the wires again.

This time everything started up with no problems at all. WTF???? I have very little information saved to this hard drive, so if I have to reformat it eventually, it won't be that big of a deal. I'm thinking I may need to add another fan to the case. I'm thinking that I may have knocked the wires loose on the main hard drive when I tilted the pc to mess with the mouse wires.

I need to find my product code and install my antivirus software again. Yeah, I've been running unprotected for awhile. I like to live dangerously. LOL Actually, I read all my mail online and only occasionally use IncrediMail to send stuff. I don't use Outlook for anything. It isn't even set up. So, it would be pretty hard for me to spread a virus on to anyone.

I think what I need is a nap. But I slept late today. Maybe I just got too much sleep. It stormed last night and woke me up and I kept having weird dreams. Kept dreaming about a couple guys from work. I don't really talk to the one and I don't know much about him. He has a great smile though. lol The other one I flirt with constantly just to make him wonder what the hell is goin on. But the truth be told, I'm not attracted to him at all and he is married to boot. He is just easy to mess with. hehe It's been making me realize that I'm lonely though. It's been a while since I've even thought about finding myself a significant other. I've just been happy to be on my own with the kid. Oh well.

I actually knitted a row on the mystery stole. It's the most knitting I've done in awhile. I'm going to go with the symmetrical version. I just don't think the variegated yarn would look right on the wing. I think it would be cool to make a double winged version some time with the undyed Pony 2-ply that I've got. Just have to wait for Melanie to release the finished pattern so I can buy it. hehe

Ok, time to go make some lunch. Mom is dropping off the rest of Nick's school stuff at one and then I'm going to go register him for classes. Oh yippy, spending more money on stuff not related to yarn. sniff sniff


Diane said...

Computers seem to have a mind of their own .... and it's purpose is to drive us out of our minds!

FaeryCrafty said...

I'm so sorry :( Hugs!

Mary Lynn said...

Once when I fried my computer, the computer repair guy told me to never leave my computer on during a storm. It can not only fry the modem but can do the whole system.

At work, we are told to shut everything off at the end of the day, not only to keep the snoopers out but to protect the hardware.