Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Knitting update

I've finally finished clue 1 of Mystery Shawl 4. Yep, last clue was released last Saturday. And I just finished the first clue. I'm a knitting putz.

I should have put it on longer circs cause I didn't have enough slack to block it out at all. As it is, it is already 19 inches across.

Here is a close up of one section of the shawl.

And a close up of the center of the shawl.

I think the center is just too pretty.

I've already started the second clue. Ok, so only one row almost done but still.

Btw, the reason for the bobby pin in the first picture? There was a section of yarn that was kind of icky. The silk ply looked like someone had gotten it wet and coated it with dust. It was thick and gross looking. I didn't notice it until I had gotten back around on the next row. It took me a few times of picking at it to get all the gunk out. Now it just looks a little dusty/dirty. I'm sure a good wash when I'm done will clear the rest of it up.


Kim in NJ said...

No, no, you're not a knitting putz---I still haven't started this one yet. At least you are done clue 1!
The yarn's pretty---is that zephyr?

Snickerdoodle said...

Wow, that's beautiful! I love, love, love the color of your yarn. You work quick. I kind of got sidetracked with my mystery stole that Melanie was doing. I never even got through clue 2. I plan on finishing it, but for now I am working on a Dale of Norway sweater for Abby. I need to find my darn camera so I can post some pictures on my blog!