Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Demand

Grrrrrrrr Blogger won't allow me to embed a YouTube video.

I really like this video though on a number of levels.

Texas: In Demand (with Alan Rickman)

For one, Alan Rickman is HOT!! He looks super sexy dancing. I swear I'm now going to have to just go down the list of movies he has done and rent them all. I've seen a few of them but not nearly all of them. I have this thing for British actors. mmmmmm

And also, it is a pretty good song. Not my usual musical style, but I like it. Swear I think Ally is going to be downloading their music for awhile. She found a bunch of their music listed and loves it. hehe

And now I must head to bed. I've got to work in a few hours!! lol

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Marimba's Notes said...

I jsut stumbled on your blog via the mystery shawl and started reading and wow, that video is awesome! Thanks for sharing! :)