Friday, August 24, 2007

Not a good day

I am tired and bloated and emotionally screwed.

I'm PMSing right now with a vengeance. When I was on medication, I didn't have any problems with PMS at all. Or maybe I was so dazed that I didn't realize I was. lol I'm just really feeling bloated and it's making me uncomfortable.

Emotionally, my fuse is very short. I can feel myself on the verge of either getting very pissed or just breaking down into tears. The damn raid isn't helping matters any.

A guy in our crew at work seems to have quit. He didn't come in to work at any rate. His buddy that just started a couple weeks ago went home after 5 hrs because of a headache. We aren't too hopeful that he will be back tomorrow. Hopefully we will get some new people hired to help out. There is another crew that works the weekend and they can't keep people on for it at all. It is looking like they are going to call off the weekend shift for them and make the crew during the week work more hours. I seriously hope they don't do that to use. I really like the weekend shift.

I'm off to bed now. I am just beat.

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Mrs. H said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. *HUGS*