Tuesday, June 05, 2007



Nutty and gooey - you always satisfy.

Had to post this one as Snickers is my all time favorite candy bar. I love them mixed in my ice cream or just frozen. I've been known to buy large bags of the fun sized bars and put em in the freezer. They last longer that way cause I have to go out in the garage to get em. hehehe

Oh and get this.... Blogger has decided that I'm a spammer. I have to do word verification to post. Not sure if I can post from Flickr while it is on there. I've requested that they review my blog and take the damn thing off.

So, dear Mr/Mrs Blogger Reviewer, please remove the word verification from my blog. I'm not a spammer. I may be a bit boring, but I swear I'm not spamming anyone. Shoot, I only have 9 people that subscribe to my feed on Bloglines. lol I don't eve link to books on Amazon any more. It's much too dangerous to my pocketbook. lol

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