Friday, June 15, 2007

Green thumb

Tonight we decided to do a little gardening.

For Mother's Day, Nick gave me this little planter of flowers. So far, I've managed to not kill them. Although they have had a few close calls when I forgot to water them. lol

He grew the one in the middle from seed at school. The crazy ones on the sides were my dad's addition. Not sure what they are but the orange one is weird. It refuses to stand up and the flower is at an odd angle.

And here we have the new planter all done.

Yes I do realize that the one plant is a spider plant that is normally in a hanging planter, but I'm fairly sure I can keep it alive and that was the important thing when choosing. hehe

And here is the little gardener.

I wish the boy would smile like a normal person.

He didn't get his hands dirty during the gardening. Would have had to touch the potting soil to do that. lol He just watched and then got the water so I could give the plants a drink.

The plants are now in their new home in front of the back door. Yes, I have a planter on my living room floor in front of the door. Only place in the house I can guarantee that it will get sunlight. I generally keep all the blinds closed and that is the only one that is up a bit. I have issues with people being able to see into the house.

Anyways, I've been trucking along on the purple shawl. Nothing to show yet as I've only done about 20 rows of the chart I'm on. 14 more to go before it is done. It's still taking me about half an hour per round thanks to the easy patterning.

I got the beads for the mystery stole today. They are tiny. Much smaller that the ones I was testing with my yarn. I may have to order some laceweight yarn and give up on the fingering weight. I can't get the crochet hook through the metal bead at all. The hook is a size 14 and tiny. I can't get the yarn pulled back through the larger rootbeer bead. Ya know, I think I'll swatch with some brown and blue laceweight I have. I've got a bunch of the beads I was swatching with and might have enough for the pattern. Maybe I'll do one stole in the black fingering and larger beads and one stole in the laceweight and rootbeer beads. Why not? I've already got 2 shawls going as it is. lmao


FaeryCrafty said...

What a great gardener! Good job kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job on the flower Nick! good planting there Bec..