Saturday, June 23, 2007

Clue 3 done

Finally finished with the 3rd clue. 5th clue should be out today sometime unless Renee has gotten busy again. I'm in no rush. hehe

Weather is yucky outside, so the color is off in all the pictures. Hard to take natural light pictures when it is cloudy outside. I think I need one of those daylight lamps. Might help with the depression too.

Close up of the clue.

Crappy picture of the colors on the right side.

Crappy picture of the colors on the left.

And an overview of clue 3.

I'm not sure why the pictures are so blurry. Prolly should check the batteries.

But anyways, I'm going to go and finish chart F on the purple shawl and maybe I'll post pics of it tonight. Might wait until tomorrow as it is supposed to be sunny. And 90. bllllllleeccccckkkkkkkk


Kate said...

Looks beautiful, I really like the colours of that yarn.

FaeryCrafty said...

It is really turning out great!!