Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gratuitous kid pics

Today the kid is officially 8 yrs old.

And I feel 108. hehehe

First some pics from the folk's house on Sunday. We celebrated my bro's bday (the 13th), Nick's bday and Father's day all in one.

Mom getting the cake and Dad cutting up munchies. Oh and the kid hamming it up for the camera.

The birthday boys getting ready to blow out the candles. The kid adores his uncle Joe.

The kid is a lil slow. Or maybe the bro is a blowhard. hehe

My brother hates having his pic taken. hehe Kept looking away from his wife so she couldn't take his pic. I don't mind if the person isn't looking at the camera. Although you wouldn't know it by the pics I take of the kid. hehe

Talk about patience. lmao Dakota ate way too much sausage and cheese thanks to her papa.

And here are pics from today. I didn't want to throw a regular birthday party for the kid cause he does NOT need more presents. So we went around the neighborhood and invited a few kids over to play on his new slip-n-slide and eat cake and ice cream.

I didn't take pics of the other kids. Not sure their Mom's would appreciate my putting their pics up on the net. Just sayin.

So, lots of pics of the kid turning blue. hehe

Love the look on his face here.

He had a blast. He did mange to piss me off a bit though. I baked him a cake. One box of white cake mix and one box of confetti cake mix. Covered it in chocolate frosting. Bought a gallon of ice cream for $7 at the damn gas station. He didn't eat one bite of the cake. He loved the ice cream of course, but wouldn't touch my cake. And it was good. I mean, real good.

Making dinner tonight sucked ass too. Got a taco kit out of the cabinet. Thawed some browned hamburger and tossed in the water and seasoning mix. Once it was simmering, I went to heat up the tortillas. Opened the sealed foil package and flopped the tortillas onto a paper plate only to discover that they were covered in lil piss ants. Picked em up to look close and the plate was literally covered in ants.

So into the garbage with the soft tortillas. Figured I had 6 hard taco shells so no problem. Opened the sealed plastic package only to find that the tacos were covered in ants too. gggggrrrrrrr No tortilla chips in the house, so I had to run to the gas station yet again. Bought a bag of chips and a root beer. (gonna have a root beer float before bed if my tummy stops screaming at me for eating too much taco salad) So, my tacos turned into taco salad. It was saved by the fact that I keep shredded cheese in the freezer all the time and I just so happened to have a can of black olives in the cabinet. ( no ants thank god ) Kid of course wouldn't touch it. He ate bologna. sigh

And now I'm gonna pop a tums and work on swatching for the mystery stole using US3s.


Mrs. H said...

I hates those darned ants! Everyone around here has them and the ant poison doesn't work. My parents started putting cinnamon where the come in (once they could actually find where they were coming in) and it actually worked! Of course they now have this reddish brown powder on the window sill and counter, but at least it's not ants. heh

I have not tried this yet. I like poison because it makes the little #@%^&@ die.

Anonymous said...


Ok i'm a little behind... you should have said soemthing ya big goof!

UGH! to the antz... hate the lil things...

Ok, i'm trying to do better reading the blog... he he he


FaeryCrafty said...

Happy birthday kiddo!!