Thursday, June 28, 2007

Galveston Shawl update

Finally finished with chart F. 3 more to go I think. I won't be working on this shawl until I finish up the dark purple mystery shawl that Renee is running. I've got about 15 rows before the cast off. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday sorting out beads. I have some dark burgundy and purple beads along with some clear/yellowish beads that I'm thinking of using on the edge.

And of course tomorrow clue 1 of mystery stole 3 comes out. hehe I couldn't resist joining. I was a member during last years mystery, but I didn't have time to actually knit it. Someday I'll get to it. hehe

And now to the pictures.

The new pattern in the triangle sections.

The "piers" come to a point at the end of the chart.

Here is how they flow together.

The color is off in the next few pictures. I am not sure why they seem so pink. The earlier pictures are much closer to the lovely light lavender.

Here is what remains of the second ball of yarn. I'm pretty sure it is from

You can see here best how the color is not solid. It almost looks like I changed colors when I started this last chart. I forget where exactly I changed balls of yarn though.

An overview of the "pier" section. I actually took these last pictures a few rows before chart F was finished. I was in the middle of switching to longer needles and I was able to get a flatter view than I had before.

Here is a full view. I haven't measured anything yet, so I can't really say how big it is.

And a view of the "waves" going into the pattern of chart F.

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