Wednesday, June 27, 2007


No new news on the job front. I'm just real tired.

I swear I'll have pictures of knitting tomorrow. I did finished Chart F of the purple monster that will not die and I took pictures. I want to finish the other mystery shawl before I continue work on the purple shawl. Cause I need lots and lots of stitch markers to do the next clue.

Promise that once I get some sleep I'll post pics of the shawls. Am halfway through the last clue of the dark purple shawl. Should have it done soon. I hope. lol

In the mean time go to and see if there are any new tags with your name on them. I've got 2 more that need uploading. I just have to format the pages.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to read you aren't feeling great ( altho' i guess sympathy from an unknown person is kinda weird but i do read your blog)
Are you going to be doing the mystery stole 3? The first clue is out tomorrow.