Friday, June 22, 2007

Things are going well

I had my second interview today. It went really well. This one was with another lady that I believe is the supervisor in the warehouse. She was real nice and I felt much more at ease with her. I think that people in "office" attire just make me nervous. Anyways, she moved me along to the next step. I filled out the paperwork for the background and credit checks. And I went and had a drug test done. My dad said that if they went through the expense of doing that then I'm definitely going to be hired.

I have to admit that the whole credit check thing has always made me very nervous. I don't like the idea that because I pay my bills late or I "owe" some asshole doctor a bunch of money that I already paid that it could cost me a job. I did default on a school loan years ago, but when the school took me to court, I won. It was because the new school I was going to messed up my paperwork and the government didn't realize I was back in school before the 6 months was up. I do owe a satellite company $75. I will pay them when I decide they deserve it because it pissed me off that they turned my service off and charged me for it when they didn't even try to take that months bill out of my account as was set up. No clue why they did it but I'm not paying it until I get a steady job and that $75 isn't going to hurt my bottom line. Not going to hurt my credit any more that it already is hurt. LOL

My bills do get paid. Eventually. I haven't ever had my electric or gas shut off. It haven't had my phone shut off since before my son was born. Probably a couple years before that. Well ok, my cell phone was shut off just recently, but it wasn't because I have a bill. The phone got shut off cause I forgot to put more air time on it. No outstanding bill. The satellite dish got turned off about 4 or 5 years ago. I haven't had one since. I won't get another one until I've had a job for at least 6 months. It's not the sort of expense that I really need. I have tons of dvds and vhs tapes of great movies that I love to watch. And the antennae picks up NBC and ABC perfectly and CBS comes in well enough that I can at least listen to the shows. I don't much actually look at the tv as I do listen to it.

I do have outstanding student loans right now. If I had had regular work at the beginning of this year, they would have been paid off in full when I got my taxes back. But I have barely worked at all this year. I've had to live off of that tax return. If/when I get this job, I'll pay off the smaller load in full right away. I'll have to make payments on the larger one. And they aren't that big of loans anyway. It is less than $2,000. Not like some people that have over $100,000 in school loans. That to me is just total bullshit.

I'm of the sort that thinks our country needs to take a real hard look at what other countries are doing. There are countries in Europe that have free health care and free education for all of it's citizens. Yes, they pay higher taxes in order to pay for these programs. I don't see the problem in that. I affords the right to basic human needs to every citizen.

If I had had the money to actually finish school the first time I went, I would be in a much better situation financially. Yes dear readers (all 2 of you) I have gone to school before. Right after high school, I worked full time for 6 months to save for school. I went off to Chicago and went to a business school. I couldn't find a job that had hours that I could work that paid enough to foot my bills while I was there. My folks wanted total control of what I was doing and I was too far away for their comfort, so I came back home after a couple months. That was the school that took me to court. Within a month or so after coming back to Iowa, I went to the local community college for two semesters. When it came time to go the next semester, I was told to get my own loan for school as my dad wasn't going to give me another dime. Yeah, um, nice thing to find out the day it was due to be paid. So, it was 10 years before I was able to go back to school. I'm one class shy of a degree in Internet Administration. Unfortunately I don't understand marketing. If once I start working I can get enough money saved up, I would love to try and take that class again. This time with a tutor that can explain shit to me.

But anyways, the interview went well. It looks like I might have the job. Won't find out till next week after the drug test comes back. I have never been a drug user, so I should be find. Well unless it picks up the paxil I took last week. lol I was sick and hormonal all at the same time and breaking down in tears over the dumbest shit. So, I took some low dose samples. It was just enough to take off the edge. I didn't even take all 7 pills that I had. I do think that once I have insurance again, I'll go back to my doctor and see about getting on some sort of medication again. Not the Paxil or Effexor though. They both make me tired and I do NOT need help in getting tired. lmao ( write this as I'm tired enough to take a snooze but it's way too early to think about going to bed )

Just cross your fingers for me and send some good mojo that this all works out. I miss being able to go nuts on eBay. hehehe

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Mrs. H said...

Oooohhh... I hate effexor. I took that for awhile (started during a visit from some in-laws LOL)... and all it really did was make me tired and stop me from having many emotions at all. It was pretty much a whateveridontreallygiveacrap feeling.