Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like either your head is going to explode or you are just going to fall down bawling your head off? Just figured out part of the problem. I forgot to take my meds. duh Mostly I've just been going nuts trying to find some information. I just wanted to find the latitude and longitude for the town I live in. Sounds like something that wouldn't be too damn difficult to figure out. But nooooooo. Every time I think I've found it and plug it into this map deal that I may or may not put on my blog, it gives me a different town. grrrrrrr Finally I left it as the next town over.

I've noticed a few people talking about the search results that have led people to their blogs. Last night I was checking my stats and found one that just makes me scratch my head. "secret pal" turd knit Ummmm wtf? Why would anyone want to knit a turd? And if you were to knit a turd, would it be a little pile like a dog would leave or more like maybe a horse would leave? Maybe you would go for the whole log effect. roflmaotipmp I know how it led to my blog, seeing as I've refered to the kid as a turd. He is a big ole turd. Lil bonehead disconnected one of the handles on my excercise bike just this afternoon. That is after leaving a Pepsi bottle in my bed that still had soda in it. While I was still sleeping!! Belive me, you just haven't lived until you have rolled over and had soda poured on your arm. I still feel sticky and I washed up. LOL

I've got to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I swear to got I'm getting some alchol. I'm not in to wine like Aunt Purl, so I'll have to suffice with beer or god forbid wine coolers. hehehe I'm not ready to spring for a bottle of Southern Comfort just at the moment. 1) I don't have the money. 2) I would be too damn tempted to drink half the bottle the first night. :OP

In better news. I've finished the first Angel Pocket. I had to rip the second half out like 5 times because the center seam kept being off center. I finally had to count every damn row. No picture yet. I need to weave in a ribbon yet. I may try blocking it a bit. I seems so darn small. I guess that is the whole point, but just looking at it makes my heart ache. I checked the site and it mine is just a bit larger than the smallest size which is the pattern I used. sigh I've started another one, but this time I'm doing it in stocking stitch. I've also added a half hearted lace bit on the edge. Hopefully it will look ok. I'm hoping this one will turn out a bit larger.

If you can spare the time and the yarn, please make an effort to make a few baby things for either the Premmie Project or for your local hospital. Every baby deserves something nice no matter how small they are. Plus I can't even imagine having to think about trying to find something for a dear child that didn't make it. I know I wouldn't even be able to think for awhile. Ok, I'm just a bawlin here. Enough of the emotional stuff for awhile.

I need to get my butt in gear and head to the store. More info laters.


FaeryCrafty said...

OMG when I read "why would anyone want to knit a turd" I laughed so loud I scared my cats! I hope you feel better.

SCarrGo said...

Some of the things I've knit LOOK like turds, but they weren't supposed to...

Damn, girl, you made me spit my Pepsi...which is OK because I'm not in bed...