Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Disaster averted

I really thought tonight was going to end with me being totally ticked. I have had no luck in finding the disc for my camera. The camera came with Arcsoft PhotoImpressions. It is a sucky little program that I only used to take the pictures off of the camera. I managed to go to the web site for Vivitar and found the drivers for the camera though. I used PSP to snag the pictures I took today. In the process, I lost the pictures of the old yarn I won on eBay. But I have some of my recent purchases.

Here is a pic of the Kureyon that I got a couple weeks ago. Yes, my camera sucks that bad. You can get an idea of the color though.

Here is the recycled silk and wool/silk. I already wound the wool/silk into a ball. I'm working on winding up one skein of the silk. It is not fun. lol It is twisting back onto itself like crazy. I'm going to be making a bag with it. I'm going to cheat and do it in crochet because I know I can get the shape I want in crochet a lot easier than I can in knit. Oh I know it is possible to do it in knit but I'm lazy dang it. :P

Here is the pink wool I got the other day. I've got two cones like this one. I'm leaning towards doing the ribbed v-neck pattern that I found the other day.

And lastly, here are a couple pics of the green chenille. It is very thin, but I think I can work up something interesting with the red cone of chenille I've got. Oh and Jon, there is something good to say about being ignorant of things. I get to ignore you. hehe j/k I have no idea what worming is. I've heard it mentioned before, but I've not looked it up. Teach me master Yoda. hehe Seriously, there is a lot I don't know about different yarns. Remember, for the longest time my only yarn suppliers were Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.

One of these days I'll snatch my mom's camera to take proper pictures of my stash. First I've got to dig it out of it's various hiding places like the garage, under my bed, in my closet, various stacked containers, and other closets in the house. hehe At least I don't have yarn hidden in the trunk. That of course is because I don't have a trunk. hehe I drive an old Bravada. I had to put a new battery in it yesterday. The positive post fell out of the battery when my dad tried to take it out. That kind of explains why I have been having troubles with the battery going dead for the last 7 months. (told ya I was lazy :P)
Ok, I've got tags to make and mail to read. Oh and don't forget blogs to catch up on. hehe


Michelle said...

I have some serious yarn envy over here! It's lovely.

Jon said...

How to explain chenille worming? Well, when you knit it, little parts of the yarn just pop out of the work. They are called worms. There's an entire discussion on the Knitting Guild Bulletin Board about it. One woman said the only way to stop it from doing this is to do a "linen" stitch. Again, info on the bb.

But I think you can google chenille worming to find out more info.

Loverly Kureyon. Can't wait to see what you knit up!

goblinbox said...

You so need a new digicam!