Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm mellltttttiiinnnngggggggg

I so hate the heat. Some say it is the humidity that is the worst part. To hell with that. It is the HEAT that sucks. Granted I don't like the humidity either. Isn't very fun to feel like I'm breathing under water. The whole week is supposed to be hot and humid. I thought tomorrow was supposed to get up to about 90. Ummm wrong. The local news has said it will hit 94 but feel over 100 with the humidity. So, I guess the kid is going to miss t-ball tomorrow. The kid has asthma, so I try to keep him out of any really bad humidity.

I have trouble breathing when it is too humid or I try to move my tired fat ass too much. I overheat real bad too. Is wonderful to pick up laundry and such and be sweating like an everloving pig when I'm done. I don't think it has all that much to do with my being big. Sometimes when I overheat I haven't even done a darn thing. On Sunday, I went to Wal-Mart and then over to the folk's house. By the time I got done walking around wally world I was hot and having trouble breathing. After we got to the folk's house, I tried to open up a package for the kid and I just couldn't catch my breath. I was so hot that I had to go into the computer room and turn a fan on full blast.

I just realized I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I guess I'll ask the doc about it. Only saving grace on the doc front is that he is awful damn cute. hehe He is married though. :O( I've got to bug him again about my damn ears. Imagine having a high pitched whining noise inside your head for about oh 10 hours a day or more. It freakin sucks. It is getting worse too. I don't have any trouble with my hearing, except when the ringing is bad. No, it isn't damage from going to concerts. I've only been to like 4 and that was 13 years ago. I don't listen to loud music in the car. I don't want to blast the kids ears. I did work in a factory for 9 years but when I was on the production floor I wore ear plugs. Maybe the doc can find me yet another damn pill that will calm the shit down. I take 10 pills a day as it is. 6 different medications. I also have 2 pain pills I can take and I usually have a pill to settle my stomach but I haven't been having too many IBS symptoms the last few months.

It drives my mom nuts the number of pills I take. My desk looks like a mini pharmacy. But hey, I'm not puking every day or rushing to the bathroom to keep from shitting my pants. I'm also not breaking down and bawling for no particular reason. I still am depressed. I have my moments of really dark moods. Mostly it is when I get jealous over something. I'm real good at that one. No wonder my favorite color is green. :OP

Ok seeing as this is a knitting blog, I guess I should add a bit of knitting info. hehe I've given up on the two sorta lace scarves that I started. Basically, I've just realized that I'm not really interested in working on them. I think I'm going to give the Branching Out scarf a try. Not just yet though. I've bound off the shoulders of my green sweater and I am very close to being done with ripping out the ribbing on the hem. Talk about a practice in insanity. I just keep reminding myself that I would have had to do it anyway thanks to the whole I found at the top of the ribbing. I figure I will start on the new seed stitch hem tomorrow. I need to get some new needles so I can do both sleeves at the same time. I am horrible at writing down what I'm doing as I go and frankly, it is hell seeing my stitches in this yarn. I'm also working on a pair of footies for my mom. She has been having trouble finding socks that don't hurt her ankles and these will be below her ankle bone.

Ok, enough yabbering. I won't censor myself by going back and taking out info so if I've given you too much info, just deal. hehe


Laura said...

Don't you just love cute doctors? they make going to the doctor such a pleasant experience. =0)
I also have amini pharmacy. I also joke about that. My day is scheduled around my medicine schedule. I hope that one day neither of us will have to take pills. at least maybe someday we'll take less.

You should try thr branching out. It's really easy once you get the hang of it. As long as you pay attention to the pattern and not the TV you'll be fine. =0)

Jon said...

I hate the heat as well. We don't have humidity here but hot is still HOT! I lived in Vegas for 5 years. During the summer, I thought I was going to die. Especially going from work to my car where it was easily 112 in the car and 110 outside. Gawd that sucked.

Never been to a cute doctor. We must have old trolls here.

SCarrGo said...

Cute doctors!!!!! I wonder if my doc knows how cute I think he is...

I can co-miz about the daily pill popping (39 is two young to be doing that every freaking day, IMO) I have some kind of nerve-damage-broken-face-can't-be-without-the-drugs facial and head pain ever since I had my wisdom teeth removed a year ago. (The WISER thing to do would have been to keep the damn "wisdom" teeth...)

Also? To go along with the pain? My whole head just heats up for no reason, out of the blue. This is my first summer with this condition, and it BLOWS!

I was sitting at my doctor's office, in the cool air-conditioned presence of his cuteness, and he watched my temperature go from 97 to 101 in the course of 2 minutes. Sucks...

(yes, I am the same woman who complained about the cold...) :-)