Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thank you Secret Pal!!!!

I have the most awesome secret pal. I picked up the package she sent yesterday. I was a bit taken aback when I saw just how big the box was. WOW!! Now I know why they didn't put it in one of the big mailboxes. It wouldn't fit. LOL

I love everything that she sent"
2 skeins of Noro Kureyon in color 147. Sooo pretty.
A pair of Fiddlestitcks bamboo needles, US8. My first bamboo needles.
The Spring 2005 Cast On. I've never actually seen a copy in person. hehe
A copy of Zen and the Art of Knitting. Tre cool.
A gorgeous gel candle with shells in it. (Pictures tomorrow I promise)
A bright pink bead storage box. So needed.
A mini red Sharpie. I love it!
A great card with flipflops on it and a sweet note inside.

She sent all this in a really cool turquoise gift bag that has transparent dots and silver swirls on it. I am so keeping this bag and using it for knitting projects. hehehe It is much too cute to toss. I loved the matching tissue paper too. My son had fun crumpling it up. He totally enjoyed the opening of the box. "What's that? What's in there? Wow that's a lot of stuff." hehehe Of course he was in a good mood to begin with. He got a letter from a friend with stickers in it. :O)

I promise that I'll take some pictures tomorrow. I spent the morning at my mom's house. She was having my dad's recliner and a replacement headboard delivered. I did not enjoy being woke up at 8:30. I had trouble sleeping last night so I was just a tad bit tired for the first half of the day. We had to run to Wal-Mart for groceries after we left Mom's. I went through some of the remnants and found the cutest blue flannel with white sheep all over it. hehehe I so wish that I had enough to make some shorty pajamas out of it. But alas I have a huge ass. LOL There was only a yard of it anyways. I'm going to make a bag with it I do believe. I also got some white and burgandy fabric. Just your basic plain woven stuff. I'll use the burgandy to line the blue, black and burgandy knitting bag. The white will be for the sheep bag and the messenger bag I'm still working on.

Ok enough yabber blabber. hehehe Oh, I added my geek code over on the right. Yeah I'm a geek. Tough shit. :P I actually enjoyed taking accounting and computer classes in high school and college.

Thanks again Secret Pal!!! Laters y'all.

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Your Secret Pal said...

I am sooo glad you liked your package! Feel free to drop hints so I know what to include in the next one :) I've been enjoying your blog and reading about all your yarn purchases. I am currently on a yarn diet!