Monday, June 06, 2005

What a weekend

I spent wayyyy too much time with my folks this weekend. I went over Saturday to watch the race and do some knitting. I swapped back and forth between working on my cable scarf and the Caron So Soft knitting bag. I've ripped that bag back so many dang times I'm surprised that the yarn hasn't fallen apart. hehe Maybe I should have used a pattern. ???

I got a load of yarn in the mail on Saturday too. Goodness I love that Cascade 220. I got a skein of 8400. It is a real nice gray. I also got a skein of Jamieson's Soft Shetland in Anthracite. It is a nice gray with green and blue in it. It's not quite as soft as the CC220 and not as much yardage, but it is real nice. I got those both from the same seller. I also got 27 skeins of Nomotta Friska. There are 2 skeins of hot pink, 10 of dark blue and the rest is baby blue. It's 95% wool and 5% nylon. I'm thinking it is fingering weight boucle. I've never heard of the yarn before but well I couldn't pass up getting 27 skeins of yarn for about $20 including shipping. My other win was 2 cones of SchussPlus DK wool in dusty rose. There are about 2850 yards on the 2 cones. I'm just looking for the right sweater pattern now. I've got one I like but it is for worsted yarn. I do have another V-neck pattern that I might be able to adjust a little bit. I've only got to add about 3 inches to it.

I've still got some sea foam green chenille and 300g of recycled silk coming. I've got some dark red chenille already but not enough for a sweater. I'm just trying to find enough of another color to work up a stripe pattern. As far as the silk goes, I just really want to give it a try. I've heard some good and bad things about it. We shall see. Oh and yes, I'm slowing down on the whole eBay thing. I tend to go hog wild and bid bid bid for like 2 weeks and then take 6 months off. hehe I'm looking at some peach and green chenille though. They are 4 and 2 lb hanks of yarn. I've got about 9 days to decide if I want to buy a skein or not. They have a whole bunch of it.

I promise that tomorrow I'll get my sucky camera out and take some pictures. I'm hoping that I won't have to reinstall the program on my pc. This thing is a pos. I guess that is what I get for building my own. hehehe Ok time to go get some stuff done before heading to bed.


Jon said...

Beware the chenille, it'll worm on you.

shetha said...

Help! I am looking at a pattern that calls for some of that Nomotta Friska but as it was probably discontinued decades ago, I can't figure out what to replace it with! Do you have a yardage per ounce or any other similar info? Thanks!