Friday, June 24, 2005

Yarn hangover

I swear it. I'm not buying any more yarn on eBay or at Herrschners. The boxes and bags of yarn are taking over my room.

I ordered yarn on Wednesday for a sweater for the kid. I'm going to be making it in shades of grey going from white all the way to black. I am using Caron Dawn Sayelle that I got at Herrschners for 97 cents a skein. I ordered white, off white, steel grey, dark grey, dark federal and black. Yes it is acrylic but remember, this is for a 6 yr old boy and I'm poor. hehehe This will be the first sweater I've made for the kid. Am I weird for wanting to make a sweater when it is 92 degrees out? Yes I know. I'm weird anyway. :OP

I've got 3 orders on eBay that are waiting to be paid for. In my defense, the shipping isn't listed. I requested the total from the one that I won 2 auctions from. As soon as I hear from her I'll pay. I won like 14 skeins of wool yarn in different colors off of her. She is the same lady that I got 12 skeins of chenille from a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping to combine that yarn with some sage chenille that I got from another auction and make a throw. I've already got the design in my head. I was playing with a skein of the chenille last night and I learned a very important lesson. Do NOT use wooden needles on chenille. Ok so maybe it was because the needles just sucked. Well hell, I'm the one that made em, what do you expect? hehe The dang yarn just wouldn't slide on the needles at all. I do like how the fabric looked on size 7s though. I'm not sure I have any 7US circulars though. I guess I'll have to try it on 8US which I have like 10 of. hehehe

The only thing I'm currently looking at on eBay are so AERO needles. I soooooo love AERO needles and hooks. They are just so dang hard to find. :O( I'm watching 3 auctions for sets right now though. I've got one pair of circs that I think are a 6, I've got one H crochet hook and maybe 4 or 5 afghan hooks so far. It all started with the crochet hook though. It was always my favorite to use, but there is no manufacture mark on it. I never knew who made it until I found the afghan hooks on eBay.

Okay, time to get off the puter for a bit. I need to do some serious straightening up. I've got lots of clothes to fold. Once I have that folded and put away, I'm going to dig out all my yarn and try to do a bit of inventory. I've got yarn in the garage, in the living room and hidden everywhere in my room. hehehe Once I get it in some sort of order, I need to work on one of my projects I'm doing for my secret pal. I'll have a package to go out on Monday for her. Well it will be ready tomorrow but no way in hell am I getting up at 7 to get to the post office before it closes at 9. :OP

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Laura said...

It is SO hard to stop buying yarn isn't it?! You just have to knit faster then, right?! =0)

Hope you're surviving the heat!