Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hey shorty, it's yer birthday!!

Today is my spawn's 6th birthday. I was lazy this year. I let him pick out his own birthday present. He picked out a bunch of Hotwheels and one add on for his track. I also let him pick out his own birthday cake. It isn't very easy to go shopping without the little turd anymore.

He so was not happy when he opened up the bag from his aunt and uncle. My future sister in law always buys him clothes. hehe I don't know why she finds it so hard to shop for a little boy. He is easy. Does it have wheels? If so, he will like it. LOL You would think my brother would have some memory of what a little boy likes. He was one not too long ago. :OP

I made my only contribution to their impending wedding. I reminded Kelly of a hotel that has a nice reception hall. Most of their guests will be from out of town. This way they can drink as much as they like and just stumble to the elevator and hope they hit the right floor. I just hope my mother doesn't bug them too much about having the kid in the wedding. I so don't want them to feel forced to have him in it. Lord knows I do NOT want to be in the wedding. They are thinking of having the wedding next May. So that gives me about 10 months to make my self presentable for just attending. I was unable to make a statement at my grandmother's funeral because of my phobias. There ain't no way I would be able to stand up in front of a crown of people in some hideous bridesmaid's dress. NO THANK YOU!!!! hehehe

Ok, lots of mail and blog reading to catch up on. I'm also planning a shopping trip for tomorrow. I really need to get a package sent off to my secret pal. I need some supplies though. Laters.


FaeryCrafty said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Jon said...

Yeah but just think, you'll be able to keep that bridesmaid dress for whatever next comes along... like cleaning the toilet or whiping up vomit off the walls...LOL

Happy B-day to the brat! Gotta love kids! I used to hate what my mother bought me for my birthday and I used to return it. Well, these were clothes when I was a teenager. I just don't understand why she thought I would look good in yellow. It still kinda hurts my heart that I did that to her. Shit, it was 17 years ago. Maybe I need therapy.

Laura said...

Happy birthday to your spawn! =0) I hope it was a good one for him.